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Face-framing highlights, or “rebel streaks,” are a low-commitment way to experiment with color

There’s no denying that face-framing highlights have reigned supreme for the past few years. Often also referred to as ring light, rebel streaks, rogue blonde or silver part, this is a style that is not only very low maintenance, but also adds a bit of interest without being over the top. It’s also a trend that has recruited Queen Bey, who resurrected the pre-curve ’90s color technique.

In fact, face-framing highlights have made their way into beauty routines around the world, with editors of Charm Russia names them as one of the biggest hair trends to dominate the country.

The reason? Well, that’s partly because they’re universally flattering, but the right shade and placement can also help brighten skin tone and accentuate facial features. The color can be as subtle or as bold as you want (depending on where you land between balayage and two-tone territory), and the best part is that, since it’s usually just two stripes in the front of your face that are being dyed, it is relatively affordable and requires minimal maintenance.

And, best of all, if you’re the kind of person who gets bored easily, they’re super easy to change. You literally just have to dye the locks back to your original color or cut them into bangs if you’re in the mood for a more impactful change.

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And now that we’re already halfway through summer (sorry, but can you believe that?!), it looks like our current hair crushes are taking things a step further. “Face frames are getting bigger and bigger,” says Sophia Hilton, Crazy Color Ambassador and Founder of Not Another Salon. “I would even go so far as to say that these are no longer face frames. They have evolved to be 5 inches thick in some cases.” And looking forward to it, she says we’re going to be doing more of those chunky, oversized face frames.

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