Faced with a triple epidemic, François Braun plans “a week of all dangers”



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Health Minister François Braun spoke on Wednesday of a “week of all dangers” for the French health system in the face of a “triple epidemic” of Covid, bronchiolitis and influenza, with for the latter an “explosion of cases” .

Faced with a “triple epidemic” of Covid, bronchiolitis and influenza, the Minister of Health François Braun said he expected, Wednesday, December 28, a “week of all dangers” for the French health system.

The Minister paid a visit on Wednesday morning to the Annecy Genevois hospital center (Haute-Savoie), affected, he said, like the whole of the French system by difficulties, in particular by a lack of staff, still “accumulated with the proximity with Switzerland”, where many French caregivers choose to practice.

Explosion of flu cases

“In this triple epidemic, we are coming to a slightly calmer phase with regard to Covid and bronchiolitis”, he explained to the press: the virus “circulates less” for the coronavirus, while the level of the infection remains “very high” for bronchiolitis, “but is improving”.

“On the other hand”, for the flu, “there is an explosion of cases, with also serious cases, which mean that the intensive care units in a global way are saturated”, he underlined.

“This week is a bit of a week of all dangers, but the mobilization of personnel is absolutely complete and the system manages to hold up,” he said.

Last week, the health authorities noted a “continued increase in influenza indicators in all age groups”, according to their latest bulletin published on Wednesday.

The flu epidemic is currently hitting all metropolitan and overseas regions.

Last week hospitalizations for flu-like illness increased by 75%, said the same bulletin.

The bronchiolitis epidemic continued “at a high level in mainland France as well as in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Mayotte”.

Round table

On the other hand, for the third consecutive week, the health authorities noted a “continued reduction in emergency visits and hospitalizations after emergency visits for bronchiolitis in children under 2 years old” in mainland France.

During his trip to Annecy, the Minister of Health also deplored the strike movement of general practitioners at the national level, and liberal nurses in Haute-Savoie, demonstrating it “particularly unwelcome in this period of extreme difficulty for the health system “.

“My door has always remained open and it remains open to solve the problems,” added Mr. Braun, who notably visited the emergency department and participated in a round table with hospital officials and caregivers, directors of other health establishments and elected officials.

Reminding all French people of the need to be careful during this holiday season marked by reunions, François Braun said he “feared an epidemic rebound” in January.

“So vaccination is still relevant with regard to the flu, as well as wearing a mask and washing hands of course in closed places and where there are very many of us,” he insisted.

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