Fashion’s 12 Most Viral Articles of 2022


Amid throwbacks to the 2000s and a propensity for hot pink (preferably Valentino Pink PP), playful experimentation and edgy collections were alive and well in 2022: miniskirts were even smaller, gloves more lyrical and the shoes more and more clever. . We’ve seen a resurgence of wardrobe staples, some of which were buried deep in our closets, like ballet flats and white ribbed tank tops. (Did they ever really go out of fashion?) Then there were the new fashion gems that went from our feeds to our shopping carts, like the Ana bag from Luar and the Melina faux leather pants from Aritzia.

Ahead, check out the biggest fashion items we haven’t stopped seeing (or thinking about) in the last 12 months.

Miu Miu Ballerinas

There’s something about balletcore that you never get tired of. The delicate ballerina-inspired trend is all about making a statement through fluffy tulle skirts, bow ribbons and satin pieces. But for many, the entry point was something more familiar, especially from the 2010s: ballet flats.

Miu Miu is largely responsible for the shoe style resurgence. Her riff on ballet-inspired shoes predates TikTok’s trending aesthetic (it was introduced in the spring of 2016), but it’s gone even more viral in 2022 thanks to a few stylish celebrities and fashion influencers. The brand was named the biggest of the year by Lyst. And now he sells many variations on the silhouette, from the original style of mismatched ribbons to leather, satin, and even embellished ones.

You can buy Miu Miu ballet flats here.

White ribbed tank tops

London Street S23 0611

A white tank top is – and always has been – a wardrobe staple. But there was something about it that fashion couldn’t get enough of in 2022.

The reign of the white tank top was solidified in the fall 2022 season, when the sartorial icon usually bought in a 10-pack at Target was amplified on the runways of Prada, Bottega Veneta and Acne Studios. It’s been reinvented with logos and new fabrications, and elevated with office pants or prom skirts. And if you’re still unsure of the impact of fashion week, stars like Emma Chamberlain are big fans of the Hanes-inspired classic.

You can buy white ribbed tank tops here.

Micro Mini Skirts

Rue de Paris S23 2990

Coming out of the year 2000 time machine is none other than the miniskirt, their hems tapering to their shortest iteration yet in 2022.

When Miuccia Prada debuted the tiny low-rise bottom at the Miu Miu Spring 2022 runway show, little did she know (or maybe she knew very well) that the fashion crowd would absolutely eat it. The skirt was an instant show-stopper, with models, celebrities and influencers wearing it almost straight to the catwalk. It was such a hit that the designer brought it back the following season (plus a range of micro-shorts) – and, yes, that too was a success. Other brands caught on and released their own versions of mini skirts soon after.

These days, super cropped bottoms are styled in many ways: dressed up with heels, worn casually with oversized tops, belted at the waist, or even paired with bloomers that peek underneath.

You can buy micro mini skirts here.

Luar Ana bag

Luar Ana

Another brand has joined the list of viral “It” handbags. First released in 2021, the Ana de Luar bag is a sturdy and compact tote inspired by the women in his family.

“The handle is kind of a nod to the 50s and 60s, like the mod era,” Raul Lopez told Fashionista of the design inspiration in May. “And then the body of the bag was kind of a nod to my mother, back in the days of briefcases… It’s nice that people can carry my story, that’s kind of what I want.”

It now comes in a range of sizes from small to large, from deep espresso brown to raised neon. Oh, and it earned Lopez Accessories Designer of the Year at the 2022 CFDA Awards.

You can buy the Luar Ana bag here.

Wraparound sunglasses

Rue de Paris S23 1056

Originally designed for athletic performance and fashionable in the 2000s, wrap-around sunglasses are back in the fashion zeitgeist, thanks to the pre-controversy Balenciaga and the general resurgence of fashion. year 2000.

The futuristic style is almost alien, with much of its inspiration coming from ’90s Oakley shades. Besides Demna and his muses, other brands at the forefront of the trending eyewear silhouette include Heron Preston, Maison Margiela, Marine Serre , Rick Owens and Ray-Ban.

Stylus fashion trend forecaster Katie Devlin told Fashionista that wrap-around sunglasses are back in fashion due to industry demand for functional, performance-driven design: “We see sort of a sporty retro-future element, almost like a Matrix-inspired approach to the year 2000.”

However, this type of glasses has also caught the eye for a totally different reason.

You can buy wraparound sunglasses here.

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Valentino Pink PP Collection

Rue de Paris S23 1844

One of Pierpaolo Piccioli’s biggest gifts to fashion in 2022 has been his headliner Pink PP, which made its runway debut in the second half of last year.

Created in collaboration with the Pantone Color Institute, the color then invaded the designer’s fall 2022 collection for Valentino. Piccioli’s philosophy was to use an understated yet powerful color palette to draw attention to the iconic designs he developed at home.

Naomi Campbell, Florence Pugh, Anne Hathaway and more have worn PP Pink on the red carpet. Meanwhile, the striking color fueled the Barbiecore trend.

You can buy Valentino Pink PP here.


Crocs is a fashion favorite that’s been resurfacing since 2018. (Did I just say 2018 was far? Omg.) What makes these cloud-shaped slippers so fashionable — apart from their comfortare his sought-after collaborations with designers, artists and pop culture icons, whether it’s Vera Bradley, Salehe Bembury and SZA or franchises like Pokemon and Harry Potter. Nothing seems to be stopping Crocs from continuing to be part of the fashion conversation, ever since we fell in love with the brand’s strawberry all-over versions in 2020, and, honestly, we hope it stays that way.

You can buy Crocs here.

Checked skirt Chopova Lowena

London Street S23 0221

The plaid pleated skirt has always been (and maybe always will be) one of those seasonless pieces that just doesn’t go away. Yet it can be updated and made current and exciting; Leading this revolution is London-based Chopova Lowena.

Since the brand’s inception, designers and Central Saint Martins graduates Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena-Irons have created a buzz around its iconic hardware-focused skirts made from recycled fabrics, inspired by their joint thesis collection of 2017. There’s something about the grunge-inspired $800-$1,000 piece that editors, stylists and celebrities can’t get enough of, especially in 2022. More recently, the brand duo added adjustable waistbands to its most sought-after bottoms, making them all the more irresistible.

You can buy Chopova Lowena plaid skirts here.

Loewe Sculptural Heels

Rue de Paris S23 1073

We know Jonathan Anderson loves ‘trompe l’oeil’, but nothing was as impactful as the sculptural heels he introduced as part of Loewe’s Spring 2022 collection.

The now-essential footwear incorporates “out-of-the-box” designs – a cracked egg, a crushed balloon, a rose, a bottle of nail polish – into slick sandals and pumps. The designs “suggest fragility and spontaneity,” the designer said at the time. Cheeky, almost trippy embellishments are exactly what people love about their homes.

You can buy Loewe’s sculptural shoes here.

diesel belt

diesel belt

Since Glenn Martens ascended the Diesel throne in 2021, the Milan-based label has risen to the top of the list of brands to watch. In addition to its innovative catwalk looks and ultra-cool denim pieces, Diesel has also returned to the forefront of the sartorial scene with a must-have accessory: its logo belt.

Like many others on the market, the original Diesel belt comes in a multitude of designs and is adorned with the shiny “D” emblem on the buckle. But what really got people talking this year was its new iteration for Fall 2022 – one so thick it can be worn like a mini skirt. The currently out-of-print piece has gone viral for its contested reviews on TikTok. Fashion is not always there more functional, but that’s what we like, isn’t it?

You can buy the Diesel belt here.

Opera Gloves

London Street S23 0924

Shows like Netflix’s “Bridgerton” (and ensuring “Regencycore”) have helped bring back some of fashion’s most dramatic silhouettes, from rigid corsets to opera gloves. The latter is definitely a statement maker, as it is designed to accentuate the movement of your arms and complete your outfit, whatever the weather. These days, they’re made with fabrics ranging from mesh to leather, and can be worn with anything from an over-the-top dress to a simple top and jeans. A favorite of celebrities like Beyoncé to rising darling Taylor Russell, long gloves have been everywhere on red carpets, as well as street style.

You can buy opera gloves here.

Aritzia Melina Pants

The rise of Aritzia’s Melina pants has been a long one: in 2020, the brand’s faux leather pants were trending all over TikTok. But in nearly three years, he hasn’t taken a break at all.

From college hallways to the nearest “exit” hotspots, the Melina pants are practically a necessary at this stage. Wilfred brand bad boys are coveted for their high waist, straight leg and flexible waist. Thanks to a combination of the internet’s “clean-girl” trend and their stylish appearance, these pants have really won over Gen Z this year. When in stock, Wilfred offers it in 28 (!!!) colorways, including burgundy red and sage green.

You can shop Aritzia’s Melina Pants here.

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