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FBI agents investigating Hunter Biden covered it up – Trump – Reuters


Delaware lead agency field office reportedly sent Twitter censorship suggestions

Former US President Donald Trump has accused the FBI office involved in the Hunter Biden investigation of actively covering up for him and his father, Joe Biden, in the 2020 presidential election.

Trump made the allegation Wednesday in a statement posted on his Truth Social platform. He called the behavior “a scandalous disgrace” and part of a campaign against him.

The businessman-turned-politician did not explain the basis for his claim, but it appears to come from an article published Tuesday on The Federalist, a conservative website. The outlet noted that in its latest “Twitter Files” post, journalist Matt Taibbi revealed a significant communication from November 2020, in which senior Twitter officials discussed contacts with the FBI.

“Some folks in the Baltimore field office and corporate office…only do keyword searches for violations,” Stacia Cardille, then Twitter’s chief legal officer, remarked, noting the large number of requests coming from these sections of the office. Jim Baker, a former FBI legal adviser who joined Twitter’s leadership team, agreed that it seemed “odd.”

The Baltimore field office would be responsible for any federal investigation in Delaware, including one involving possible tax violations and other crimes by Hunter Biden, The Federalist said. FBI headquarters “got involved” in the Hunter investigation, according to multiple whistleblowers, the outlet added. The exchange revealed by Taibbi “suggests that the FBI undertook an open-court press to interfere in the 2020 election”, he asserted.

The Twitter Files are a series of reports based on internal Twitter documents, which were released by Elon Musk after he acquired the platform. Among other things, they revealed that the FBI “prepared” the company’s previous management to interpret a legitimate story about Hunter Biden’s forgotten laptop as a “hack and dump” operation by a foreign government.

The agency has also been closely involved in moderating content on Twitter, bombarding the platform with suggestions on which accounts and tweets to suspend, according to reports. The FBI claimed the correspondence depicted “nothing more than examples of our traditional, long-standing and ongoing federal government and private sector commitments.” Some critics believe the US government has engaged in online censorship by proxy.


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