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Fianna Francis Masterson is Danny Masterson’s only child and loves to cook



Fianna Francis Masterson is a child born to famous parents. Besides being born on a special day, the eight-year-old is passionate about many things, including trying different recipes.

Fianna’s father, Danny, is well known for his role in the sitcom “That ’70s Show”. Apart from being a successful actor, he is also a loving father; he shares one child, a daughter, with his wife.

Fianna Francis has a special bond with her famous father; on numerous occasions, he shares photos of them together. Fianna is versatile, as evidenced by her various activities with her father. For example, she loves to sing and sang a song on the birthday of one of her relatives.

Fianna Francis Masterson’s birth ‘delighted’ her parents after keeping it a secret for days

Fianna was born on February 14, 2014 and was nicknamed Valentine’s baby by her father. When he was born, his parents, Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips, held back the news for a week before announcing it to the public via their respective Instagram pages.

Fianna doesn’t often make public appearances, but her growth is well documented on her parents’ social media pages.

Fianna’s dad shared a photo of him holding her alongside a sweet message. In the photo, Fianna’s father is captured in a red checked shirt holding his newborn baby as they both took a nap.

Fianna’s mum wrote a lovely post alongside a sweet photo of her holding baby Fianna as they went to bed. She wrote her full name and date of birth in her post and described her baby as a perfect Valentine.

Even though Fianna is American by birth, she has Irish blood on her mother’s side and she visited her “homeland” in 2018 with her parents.

From an early age, Fianna showed her talent in different fields. In recent years, her father has shown off his baking and cooking skills on his Instagram. In 2018, on National Girls’ Day, Fianna’s dad shared a photo of her holding a cake and pizza she made from scratch.

When she’s not busy cooking, she accompanies her father to snack on meals that could “last forever.” For example, when Fianna and her father went to a cafe and ordered different meals, he wrote:

“Friends who have lunch together will last forever.”

Besides trying different recipes with her dad, Fianna also enjoys doing outdoor activities like golf and kite flying. In 2020, Fianna’s dad shared a clip of her playing golf when they were in Solvang, California.

Fianna also showed off her singing skills when she sang a happy birthday song on her uncle’s special day. The little girl may have a musical liking after her mum shared a photo of her in front of the piano.

Besides being good at extracurricular activities, Fianna is smart at school; in 2020, she made her parents proud when she graduated from kindergarten.

Fianna Francis Masterson is growing up looking like mom’s mini-me

Fianna’s father is an actor; sometimes he is constantly busy working on different projects, so there may be times when they would be apart for long periods of time. But he is always happy whenever he finds time to go home with his family.

Fianna doesn’t often make public appearances, but her growth is well documented on her parents’ social media pages. And every day she looks more like her mom, with identical long blonde hair.

This can be seen in a candid photo shared by her mother, where Fianna appeared to be conversing with her father, signaling the start of their festive season. Danny isn’t the only celebrity with talented kids. other Holly Wood stars include Jack Black and Ricky Nelson, among others.



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