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Filipino actress Jane De Leon parents and family: who are they? Husband, Ethnicity and Net Worth

Jane De Leon is the daughter of Ruel Florencio de Leon and Maricor Benitez-De-Leon. His family history is said to be rooted in a simple life in San Pedro, Laguna.

Jane is the youngest child of her parents. Ruel had four children from previous relationships with other women besides her. Ned, Kirox, Carol and Karen are his half-siblings. Jane is very close to them despite the fact that they are half-siblings.

Francis, her brother, is someone she trusts completely. The bond between brother and sister is unbreakable. According to her social media, she was one of her siblings’ most beloved children.

Ruel adored his children and supported them through thick and thin. Her father, however, died of lung cancer in 2016, leaving his family behind.

The death of Jane’s father had a profound effect on her, and on Father’s Day, she expressed her feelings on Instagram.

Lana was close to her mother as she was to her father. Maricore raised her children admirably, and Lana says her mother guided her and taught her to be independent and strong. Maricor is also a selfless woman who has always pushed all her children towards positivity and inspired them to be better people.


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