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Thinking back to the stunning looks of Denver Fashion Week, many models that were new to the scene deserve recognition. One of the most memorable is Icon costume, a bespoke suit brand. The show, featuring Denver Broncos players as models, presented the unique clothes that make them the best personalized clothes for special occasions.

With years of experience, founder and creator Dmitrij Mecajev found that the one thing you can never compromise on in the apparel industry is quality. Mecajev, with Regional Director and Icon Suit Brand Ambassador, Angelo Tatsu Ogataare the experienced tailors who run the store and create memorable experiences for all of their guests.

When it comes to their clientele, they do a little for everyone. While they have made costumes for many Denver Broncos and Colorado avalanche players, most of their business is wedding-related, mostly tuxedos and suits. The rest of their customers are those looking for quality pieces that will last for work or for special occasions.

The process of creating these unique costumes begins with an in-person consultation with the client by appointment only. This is when customers then choose customizations to make their costume different from all the others. Options include adding a pattern to the inside of the suit, number of buttons, choice of lining color and many more. With 5,000 fabrics to choose from, this step can be long, but one of the most exciting parts.

Following the consultation is the measurement process. In tailoring, there are three types: Off the rack – where the customer chooses a piece and has it fitted afterwards; Made to measure – where tailors measure in store but do not directly manufacture the garment; and Bespoke—when the person measuring you is also the person making the garment. To ensure that the suit is made in a timely manner and at an affordable price, Icon Suit sticks to the bespoke manufacturing process in a category that Mecajev calls “Smart Luxury”. This allows more customers to enjoy the experience of creating a quality custom wardrobe without breaking the bank.

From start to finish, it takes about four to six weeks from the initial consultation for the client to hold the final product in their hands. For completely hand-sewn and bespoke garments, this is a fast turnaround time, which Icon costume takes great pride.

In their Denver Fashion Week Last November, the brand’s goal was to showcase the apparel it offers other than suits, including custom jeans, sport coats, overcoats, shoes, scarves, beanies and more.

“What I was trying to show the public was a wide range of clothes that we make, and that’s why with this year’s fashion, it wasn’t just suits and ties,” Ogata said. “[There are] lots of different things that take you from casual to formal.

The unique aspects didn’t stop at their clothes. Models Bradley Chubb, Kareem Jackson, Jonas Griffith and PJ Locke Denver Broncos football team made Icon costume‘s collection one of the most anticipated events of the Day Four Lifestyle Track. Having worked with Mecajev, Ogata and Icon Suit in the past, the models were a perfect fit for the show. Despite their inexperience walking a track, the players were excited to be there and take on a different role.

“I always enjoy working with Broncos players, just because they’re a unique group of guys,” Ogata said. “They’re fun because they’re not the average guy that comes into the store. It’s always fun to experiment and see what we can do a little differently.

While the brand isn’t sure if it will return to the track this spring, it plans to expand to other cities, such as Chicago, Dallas or Los Angeles, while trying to work with other NHL teams. and the NFL. They also look forward to their busiest time of the year: Derby season. In preparation, they will receive many new fabrics in lighter shades, such as baby blue, purple and light beige and more linen and silk blends as well as a light cashmere.

For those looking for a consultation with experienced staff for their custom wardrobe, Icon Suit can be found tucked away in Cherry Creek North. For inspiration on how to customize clothes and make appointments, they can be visited through their website and instagram.

All photographs by Roxanna Carrasco.



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