Finéa launches “Finbot”, the first chatbot dedicated to the financing of VSMEs

As part of its digitalization strategy aimed at strengthening its proximity to its customers, Finéa is launching its new chatbot on WhatsApp “FinBot”, the first of its kind in Morocco in the field of SME financing.

Dedicated to its customers and available 24/7, FinBot acts as a true financial advisor by providing its users with advice and answers regarding their financial situation, and by informing them about the various financing options offered by Finéa. . It also allows them to obtain answers to all their requests instantly, thus saving them valuable time and sparing them any trip to a branch.

Users now have the possibility of consulting their authorisations, amounts outstanding and other conditions of their contracts, as well as several other functionalities by simply contacting a WhatsApp number made available to them (06 15 204 240) or from the Finéa website via the link

FinBot is a real asset and offers Finéa customers an innovative customer experience thanks to instant and quality service.

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