Fourteen years later, they finally, happily, got married

In April 2015, Ms. Broxson arrived in New York and soon began working as an associate editor at Real Simple Magazine. In June, M. Garcia joined her. Ms Broxson, 32, now works remotely as a senior writer at financial services firm Fidelity Investments. Mr. Garcia, 37, is a middle school history teacher in the New York City public school system. They currently reside in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

Over the years, as the two focused on building their lives and careers, the question of marriage became a popular refrain among friends and family. “We were never in a rush,” Mr. Garcia said, explaining that “it wasn’t about if, it was about when, and that’s how we wanted it to be.”

In February 2019, they were ready to take that step and went shopping for engagement rings together. Mr Garcia proposed while they were on a day trip to Governors Island with friends in June.

The two were married on July 22 at Shangri-La Springs, a hotel in Bonita Springs, Florida. Lhegend Carter, Minister of Universal Life, officiated before 80 guests. The case was imbued with what Ms Broxson described as “New York touches”. Mr. Carter, their officiant, is from the Bronx; the final song at their reception was “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra; and guests went home with “bodega snack bags” which Ms. Broxson said were filled with Zapps potato chips, Hi-Chews and Original New York Seltzer.

Referring to their wedding, the bride said many of the couple’s relatives used the word “finally.” But the newlyweds, who twice postponed their nuptials due to the pandemic, opted to use the word “happily” instead.

“It was kind of like that, saying funny during the wedding,” Ms Broxson said. “People were like, ‘finally’ and then were like ‘luckily, happily.'”


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