French Prime Minister delays immigration bill due to lack of parliamentary majority



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French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said on Wednesday she would push back plans for a new immigration law until the fall due to lack of sufficient support in parliament to push it through at this stage.

It comes after the government, which lacks an absolute majority in parliament, used special constitutional powers to pass a deeply unpopular pensions law without a final vote, following months of street protests.

“Now is not the time to open a debate on a bill that could divide the French people,” Borne told a press conference.

She said she had not reached an agreement so far with the conservative Les Républicains (LR) party on the immigration bill, which aims to speed up the deportation of illegal migrants while making it easier to obtain residence permit for those who work in sectors in difficulty. to find workers.

The government originally planned to present the bill to both houses in the spring. Borne said she would continue to work to gain support from other groups for the bill.



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