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“He can’t hurt a fly”



Micah and Michael Essien | Michael and Micah Essien | Source: facebook.com/Mike Essien | facebook.com/edelduokm

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a family’s perfect, happy world was turned upside down when an unimaginable tragedy took its toll on their lives. Take a look at their heartbreaking story of pain, trauma and heartbreaking loss.

Mabel and Michael Essien were a happily married couple who lived in Houston, Texas. They were parents to three adorable children and reveled in parental bliss. The Essians looked forward to each new day with hopeful hearts and were surrounded by a supportive circle of family and friends.

Those close to Michael described him as a gentleman who knew how to protect and provide for his family. He was known to go out of his way to make people around him happy. He was a helpful member of his church community and never hesitated to lend a hand.

The Essians

The Houston man was loved and appreciated by all who knew him. The Essien family said he was a loving husband, best friend and devoted father to his three angels. Michael’s second-born, Micah Essien, was known for his friendliness and playfulness.

Officers were shocked when they found a small boy in the backseat.

Micah’s cousin, Etimbuk Isaiah, said he was a carefree little boy who is always in a good mood and liked to make everyone happy. The little one also enjoyed helping in the kitchen and was a source of pure delight in the Essien household.

A man with a big heart

Michael’s sister and Micah’s aunt, Jessie Okon, described her brother as a kind-hearted man who never argued with anyone or thought twice about helping anyone. She added:

“Michael would give every last penny he has to other people.”

The Essien family was happy in their little world and hoped to celebrate many beautiful moments together. They didn’t know that an unlikely incident would change everything.

When tragedy struck

On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, Houston police responded to a shooting in the El Camino del Rey Street and Chimney Rock Road area around 1:46 p.m. When officers arrived at the scene, they found a man who , they said, had been shot.

Investigators believe the victim met another man at the scene, and an argument ensued between the two. Houston Police Executive Deputy Chief Larry Satterwhite said the man later killed the victim, stole his SUV and fled.

In the evening, around 6:36 p.m., officers said they responded a mother’s frantic 911 call about her missing husband and two-year-old son. According to information provided by the woman, Satterwhite said he identified the victim as 38-year-old Michael.

Taken too soon

Within half an hour, Houston police were able to track a black SUV, which they believe was thrown by the shooter on Elm Street near Renwick Drive. Officers were shocked when they found a small boy in the backseat. Satterwhite revealed:

“We never knew about the child until [the mother] called.”

Sadly, the little boy, identified as Micah, two, had died in the car. Satterwhite believed the toddler died in the vehicle due to heat exhaustion. Neighbors said they likely saw the abandoned car parked on the street but I did not know that a child was inside.

Broken beyond repair

On the morning of Wednesday, September 21, officers arrested a suspect near the scene of the shooting, whom they identified as 38-year-old Bolanle Fadairo. According to Houston police, he was arrested for murder and tampering with evidence.

The devastating loss of the father-son duo shattered their family. Michael’s wife and Micah’s mother, Mabel, described her husband as a selfless man who always put others first. Fadairo reportedly told police that Michael owed him money, but Mabel said it was her husband who always helped her.

A grieving wife and mother

Mabel shared that her husband recognized Fadairo in high school and gave him a second chance. She said that Michael was a security guard, got a security job in Fadairo and often helped her with financial matters.

According to the Essien family, Michael was wearing his security guard uniform when the unfortunate incident occurred. A heartbroken Mabel said she was still in denial and could not believe her loving husband and beloved son were gone. She added:

“I want the world to see other people in Michael’s eyes – it’s the only way for my husband’s legacy to move forward.”

A heartbroken sister and aunt

A teary-eyed Okon couldn’t help but cry for her caring brother and little nephew. She expressed, “All I want is my brother and my 2-year-old son who just learned to say ‘Aunt Jessie’.”

Okon shared that his brother is the father of a six-year-old, a two-year-old and a three-week-old. She said she didn’t understand why anyone would want to kill her brother and little nephew. Okon said:

“I want my nephew back. He’s only 2 years old. He doesn’t know how to hurt a fly. My brother has always been a peaceful man. I need my brother back.”

Jessie Okon has an emotional breakdown talking about her brother and nephew. | Source: YouTube.com/KHOU11

Support the family

Michael left behind a grieving wife and two children. His nice boy, Micah, died shortly after becoming a big brother and was deprived of seeing his little sister grow up.

The Essien family set up a crowdfunding page to cover funeral costs and help Mabel raise her children on her own. Since September 23, over $1,600 was raised through the fundraising account, and more and more donations keep coming in. The family wrote:

“Michael was the sole provider for his family. His wife must bury her husband and son and continue to provide love and financial care for her remaining children.”

We send our deepest condolences to Mabel and the Essien family. in their time of heartbreaking pain and sorrow. May God grant eternal peace to Michael and Micah. We’re sure the father-son duo will be watching over their loved ones from above.



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