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Her mom is a famous talent manager and she doesn’t talk about her dad



Chloe Bridges’ parents are a source of intrigue for many fans and followers of the talented actress. While her mother, a renowned talent manager in the entertainment industry, is well known, little is known about her father, as the actress has chosen not to speak about him publicly.

Chloe Bridges was a young girl when she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming an actress and had her mother, Kathy Bridges, by her side every step of the way.

After leaving her career in virology and hepatology, Kathy Bridges proved she was versatile. She used her MBA to successfully manage aspiring actors, including her daughter, who has since used her platform to support the Latin community.

Chloe Bridges’ mother joined her daughter in the entertainment industry

While her daughter has made a name for herself on camera, Kathy has spent more than a decade behind her as a talent manager. After training in medicine and business administration, Kathy followed her daughter into the entertainment industry after Chloe decided she wanted to be an actress.

And since the mother-daughter duo moved to Los Angeles from New Orleans, Kathy has played an important role in her daughter’s career and the careers of other talented actors. In 2013, Kathy opened a talent management company with clients who landed positions within large networks.

Chloe Bridges’ mother has some very famous friends

Kathy paid tribute to the late fashion designer Oscar de la Renta in 2014. She recalled their fond memories together at his home in Santo Domingo and wrote about enjoying “wonderful cocktails and special events”. She added:

“I will always cherish this wonderful time in my life. You are a true legend in the fashion world. You will be missed. I just wish the wedding dress you made for George Clooney’s wife was mine – ha!”

Chloe Bridges is of mixed ethnicity and kisses her

Latin actresses came together to discuss the lack of diversity in stories about Latin experiences and the lack of support Latin actors experience when trying to tell their stories.

Chloe Bridges’ mother supports her relationship with Adam DeVine

In December 2021, Kathy was one of 90 guests at her daughter’s wedding in Mexico to “Isn’t It Romantic” actor Adam DeVine. However, the actress’ mother took to social media to prove that Adam was considered part of the family before then.

Since December 2018, Adam has joined Kathy and Chloe for wholesome Christmas photos. In 2019, Kathy and her mother wore red shirts as Adam posed in a green golf shirt for their Christmas family portrait.

In December 2021, Kathy again shared a photo of herself smiling with Adam and Chloe, and in December 2022, Kathy celebrated the holiday season with another photo of her, Chloe and Adam.

Chloe and Adam met in 2015, and by December of that year he had joined the actress and her mother for dinner, which Kathy captured and shared on Instagram.

In 2017, Adam, Chloe and Kathy wore smiles at the MTV Movie Awards Afterparty, and more recently, the trio and company enjoyed a trip to Chloe’s hometown of New Orleans.



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