Here are the 6 biggest denim trends of summer 2023



We’ve reported on many rising denim trends in jeans throughout 2023, but for summer the most talked about trends go way beyond jean silhouettes. Overall, in recent denim outfits, looser, wide-leg shapes always win, as do classic straight-leg styles, and white jeans are a standout color that gained momentum long before fashion. arrival of summer. However, the biggest denim trends of the season mostly revolve around non-denim pieces and more unexpected styles.

One of the most viral plays on the internet lately? Chanel’s denim ballet flats that are virtually sold out everywhere but point to a bigger movement in denim accessories. Among them, ballet flats and bags that give a more relaxed touch to refined silhouettes. Apart from jeans, long denim skirts and bralettes are other pieces incorporating denim that are hot items this season. Ahead, check out the biggest summer denim trends of 2023 and shop the selection.


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