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Here are the winning numbers for the $565 million Mega Millions jackpot – NBC Chicago


The winning numbers for Tuesday’s $565 million Mega Millions jackpot have been drawn.

The numbers for Tuesday’s draw are 59, 61, 9, 36 and 13 with a Megaball of 11.

The Mega Millions prize has become so important because it has been nearly four months since anyone matched all six numbers in the game and hit the jackpot.

The $565 million prize is for players who obtain their winnings through an annuity, paid annually over 29 years. Almost all of the winners take the cash option, which for Tuesday’s draw is estimated at $289.8 million.

Do you think you have a chance of winning the lottery? Well, you do! But it’s a very, very small chance. Here are some things that are more likely to happen to you.

The Mega Millions record jackpot is over $1.5 billion, won in 2018, and a jackpot exceeding $1.3 billion was won in Illinois in July. Lottery officials say there have been 11 winning jackpots of $500 million or more since Mega Millions began in 2002.

The biggest US lottery jackpot ever won was $2.04 billion in November. The winner purchased the lucky Powerball ticket in Southern California.

Mega Millions is played in 45 states as well as Washington, DC and the US Virgin Islands. Gambling is overseen by state lottery officials.

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