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Thais Diaz

HealthyWomen Program Coordinator

Thaïs Diaz has a background in public health, nutrition and chronic disease prevention and works as a program coordinator for HealthyWomen. Her previous experience includes research and work at the University of Georgia focused on food choices, nutrition, and general health and wellness in the undergraduate population. During her graduate studies, she was part of a research team that studied nutrition applications and their evolution in the public health sector. She’s also been working closely with a pediatrician on her upcoming book on nutrition, sleep, exercise, and family health. Thais focuses on health literacy and public health advice. She has volunteered with public health organizations that provide health education to Hispanic populations and has translated for migrant farm workers as well as physicians.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Media and Communication from Georgia Tech and a Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Health Promotion from the University of Georgia.

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