“Hollande put an end to a political consensus on nuclear power”, says historian Camille Pascal


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09:16, December 20, 2022

Guest on the morning of Europe 1, Camille Pascal, writer, historian, political adviser and former pen of Nicolas Sarkozy, delivered his analysis of nuclear issues in France. According to him, the difficulties encountered by France in its energy policy arose before the war in Ukraine.

At the microphone of Europe 1, Camille Pascal, historian and former pen of Nicolas Sarkozy, returned to France’s nuclear policy. While he was a pen for Nicolas Sarkozy, Camille Pascal had written, with the ex-president, a speech in favor of French nuclear power. “This speech was a political prophetic that no one wanted to hear”, details the historian.

“A political mistake”

He believes that, subsequently, the decisions of François Hollande concerning nuclear power put an end to “a political consensus” whose consequences are felt today. According to Camille Pascal, the presidency of François Hollande put an end to two major national consensuses born of the National Council of Resistance and Gaullist politics: the family and nuclear power.

Regarding nuclear power, the historian adds: “if the French are cold today, they can attribute the political choices of that time”. He also believes that France’s refusal to test shale gas is a fault. “It’s a French political mistake”.

“We are in a society that likes to overthrow the pillars, the problem is that when there are no more pillars, everything collapses”, reports the writer.


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