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Homeless people go door to door looking for parents of lost daughter and get a second chance at life as a reward – Story of the day



A homeless man comes across a lost little girl crying on the street and approaches to help her. He goes door to door looking for his parents, but when all his attempts fail, he takes a big risk that earns him a second chance at life.

Sometimes life gives us a second chance, or even two, and what you do with those second chances is what matters. One homeless person’s story is proof that those second chances have the power and the magic to turn bad days into good days.

Jonathan was living on the streets after losing his only home in a catastrophic flood 15 years ago. He lost his very faith in life, not to mention the ability to dream of having a second chance to improve his living conditions.

One day he fled from the cops and an angry mob after desperately stealing a piece of fruit from a store. Jonathan hid behind a wall and was drawn to a little girl stuck alone in the middle of the road. She looked lost and was crying…

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Pexel

Jonathan initially decided to ignore it. But the girl was whimpering, and he couldn’t leave. He gathered his courage, put the fruit in his coat pocket and approached her.

“Hey, there… What are you doing all alone here? Where’s your mother?”

Jonathan looked around to make sure no one was watching. He already had a troubled day with cops looking for him and was scared.

The girl was terrified. Rubbing her eyes, she said, “I want to go to mom and dad. Please take me home…”

“Mmmm…How did you come here? And what’s your name?” Jonathan asked, looking worried.

“My name is Ashley. I was playing with my cat. He ran away and I ran after him. I turned around to go home but I can’t remember the way.”

Jonathan witnessed what miracles really looked like when two strangers came looking for him with life-changing news.

Jonathan looked around and realized they were standing at a crossroads. There were three other roads, and Ashley couldn’t remember which road led to her neighborhood.

He couldn’t leave the girl alone like that, and at the same time, he didn’t want to take her to the police station because it would cause him more trouble.

For illustrative purposes only |  Source: Pixabay

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Pixabay

After a moment of reflection, Jonathan decided to help the girl himself. He took her from door to door in different neighborhoods, looking for her parents. But it wasn’t that easy.

Time is running out and Jonathan must find Ashley’s parents before sunset. He knocked on every door but was turned away. He realized that the girl would be hungry and gave her the fruit he had stolen that morning. That was all he had for dinner.

The weather was slowly getting rough, so he took off his coat and put it around her to keep her warm. Jonathan did everything to find his parents but did not succeed.

The girl started crying again and Jonathan looked helpless. He couldn’t afford to let the child spend the night with him on the street, so he made a deliberate decision. Despite knowing he would be arrested for theft, he braved the path to the local police station with the girl, begging for help in finding her parents.

For illustrative purposes only |  Source: Pixabay

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Pixabay

“Stop him! ordered the leader. Jonathan was put behind bars, but he was only concerned about Ashley.

“Sir, please help her find her parents,” he begged.

Officers questioned Ashley about her whereabouts. They checked the report of any missing persons but found none. Later, they received a call from another police station in the same town about a couple who had filed a complaint for a missing child.

“Is the girl’s name Ashley, officer?” the inspector asked the other cop.

“Yeah, her name is Ashley and she’s five years old,” the cop replied.

The girl was immediately taken to her parents, and Jonathan breathed a sigh of relief in jail. He was happy that Ashley was finally home, safe and sound.

He expected a long prison term for theft. But the next day, he witnessed what miracles really looked like when two strangers came for him with some life-changing news.

For illustrative purposes only |  Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Pexel

“Hello, Detective…I’m Alex,” said a man dressed in rich clothes. “I came here to bail out this man.”

Jonathan couldn’t believe his eyes when Alex pointed at him…

“We paid the fine in court. Here are the papers. Please send it with us,” he added.

Moments later, Jonathan was taken out. He didn’t understand what was happening until the couple offered him a reward that would turn his life upside down and ward off all his miseries.

“Hi, I’m Alex, Ashley’s father, and this is my wife, Samantha.”


“My daughter told me about you last night. I’m so grateful that you helped her yesterday. We can’t imagine what would have happened to her if you hadn’t found her. Thank you so much!” Samantha said.

Jonathan was overwhelmed with their gratitude. He thanked them for bailing him out when another surprise unfolded.

“We have a little outdoor area that we want to rent to you. You can stay there for free,” Alex offered, bringing Jonathan to tears of joy.

“Oh my God really?” he is crying.

“Yes, I know it’s nothing compared to your help. But please accept it.”

If that wasn’t enough, Alex also offered Jonathan a job as a security guard with a decent salary.

“Thank you so much! I don’t know how to thank you for your kindness,” Jonathan sobbed.

“You don’t have to pay us back!” You’ve earned it for your quick thinking and helping hand,” Samantha said.

Jonathan happily accepted the offer and moved in with the kind family. That day his hope was restored and he began to believe in miracles. Jonathan, a homeless man who used to curse his fate, gained a second chance at life that rewarded him with better days and a home, thanks to his kindness and selflessness.

For illustrative purposes only |  Source: Pixabay

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Pixabay

What can we learn from this story?

  • A small act of compassion increases tenfold. Despite knowing he would be arrested for petty theft, Jonathan took Ashley to the police station to help find her parents. In the end, his kindness and selfless thoughts rewarded him the next day when the girl’s parents released him from prison and offered him shelter and a job.
  • Kind people deserve a second chance in life. Jonathan was homeless for several years and never believed in miracles or second chances. But he was unexpectedly rewarded for being kind to a lost little girl and helping her find her parents.

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