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House committee expected to release Trump’s taxes on Friday



WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Donald Trump’s tax returns are set to be released Friday by the House Ways and Means Committee, a congressional aide confirmed Tuesday.

This is the next time the House, which is in recess for the holidays, is due to reconvene for a routine pro forma session. The new Congress, with Republicans in control of the House, begins on January 3.

The aide was not authorized to publicly discuss the timing of the release and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The Democratic-controlled committee voted last week to release Trump’s statements, with some redactions of sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers and contact information. The post raises the potential for further revelations related to the finances of the longtime businessman who broke political norms by refusing to go public with his returns as he sought the presidency.

The vote came the same day the panel released a report in which it found the IRS had failed to pursue mandatory audits of Trump in a timely manner during his presidency. He indicated that the Trump administration may have ignored an IRS requirement dating back to 1977 that makes auditing a president’s tax returns mandatory.

The IRS didn’t begin auditing Trump’s 2016 tax returns until April 3, 2019, more than two years into Trump’s presidency and just months after Democrats took control of the House. . That date coincided with Rep. Richard Neal, D-Mass., the panel’s chairman, asking the IRS for information related to Trump’s tax returns.

The vote was the culmination of a years-long fight between Trump and Democrats that has played out everywhere from the campaign trail to the halls of Congress and the Supreme Court.

Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee responsible for drafting the taxes argued that transparency and the rule of law were at stake, while Republicans countered that the release would set a dangerous precedent regarding the loss of privacy protection.

“It’s about the presidency, not the president,” Neal told reporters last week.

Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas, the top GOP member on the panel, said, “Unfortunately, the deed is done.”


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