House Majority Whip rejects idea that GOP debt bill is doomed



The measure, which passed the House by a vote of 217 to 215, is widely seen as having no chance of passing the Senate, where Democrats have a narrow majority.

Emmer did not explain why he thought Senate Democrats other than Manchin might pass the legislation.

If no deal is reached, the nation would hit its debt ceiling, which is now set to occur in July, and default on its debts. President Joe Biden has said he is open to negotiating the nation’s budget, but wants the debt ceiling to be raised regardless of those talks, with no strings attached, as happened under the Trump administration. Most Democrats on Capitol Hill said the same thing.

Emmer said no negotiation was necessary: ​​The Senate could simply approve the House GOP bill and Biden could sign it.

“Our recommendation is: we passed it in the House; bring it to the Senate and pass it,” Emmer said.

As he attempted to redirect the narrative of the legislation, Emmer also dismissed the idea that the bill was based on spending cuts, instead referring to “spending reforms.”

“I take a little issue, Donna, with the language of cuts that the media loves to use all the time,” the Minnesota Republican told host Dana Bash. “This is a transformational bill. This would limit expenses. »

Speaking later on the same CNN program, former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) said he didn’t see much hope that the debt crisis would be resolved quickly or easily.

“I’m really concerned about the debt limit as we approach it,” Kinzinger said.



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