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How did Juno Temple get its name? Everything We Know About Keely From ‘Ted Lasso’

When parents want to find great names for their babies, some create lists and brainstorm ideas, while others prefer to wait for an epiphany. The parents of Juno Temple belong to the second group.

Juno Temple made headlines in early June 2022 after landing the lead role in season five of “Fargo” alongside Jon Hamm and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Although FX hasn’t shared many details about the project, we do know that Juno will be representing Dot.

The actress is best known for playing Keely Jones in “Ted Lasso,” a character that saved her sanity. Read on to find out how, as well as the story behind Juno’s unusual name.

Juno Temple on June 15, 2009 in New York | Source: Getty Images


Juno Violet Temple was born into a family of artists in London, England, in July 1989. Her mother is producer Amanda Temple (who has worked in music videos for Janet Jackson and Tom Petty), and her father is director Julien Temple (“The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Scam”, “Absolute Beginners”).

Growing up with such parents woke something up in Juno, and she decided to be an actress at 15. Initially, Amanda and Julien tried to talk her out of it.

Juno Temple on February 27, 2022 in Santa Monica, California | Source: Getty Images

They told her she would get several “no’s” after the auditions, but Juno had already decided on her future. Amanda and Julien learned that the 2006 psychological thriller “Notes on a Scandal” had an open audition.

They sent Juno so she could find out how many young girls wanted to be actresses like her. Their strategy backfired when Juno landed the role even though it was her first audition. In tears, Amanda said that was not how things were supposed to be.


Speaking of Amanda and Julien, who eventually started supporting Juno’s career, they chose their daughter’s unusual name like no one else.

Go in [Keely’s] the headspace was what “saved” Juno’s sanity.

The couple went to the Grand Canyon when Amanda was pregnant with Juno, but they were still unsure of the baby’s name. When Amanda and Julien discovered they were on a peak known as Juno Temple in Cape Final, they knew they had the perfect name for their daughter.

Juno’s childhood was bohemian. She attended Bedales “hippie” boarding school and even had Johnny Depp as a babysitter. Juno was curious about different lives and people, and her childhood helped her learn more about them.


Before being cast in “Ted Lasso,” Juno had never worked in a comedy. When the show’s co-creator Jason Sudeikis reached out to her to play Keely in “Ted Lasso,” she was shocked.

Fortunately, Keely and the show allowed Juno to explore light and heat before the pandemic hit. Keely’s personality is so sweet and cheerful that’s what “saved” Juno’s sanity through the toughest months of 2020 and 2021.

Keely also represented the first time Juno returned to a character. She previously worked on “Vinyl,” a TV series that was supposed to run for more seasons but didn’t. Juno’s life is as special as her impressive career.


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