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How did the ‘Matrix’ star’s only child die?

Keanu Reeves’ spirit remains gentle – a surprise considering all the obstacles he’s faced in his life. One of those adversities included the loss of her only child, little Ava.

Recently, Reeves stepped out on the red carpet with girlfriend and artist Alexandra Grant to attend the 2022 MOCA Gala.

In November 2019, the couple used the LACMA Art + Film Gala red carpet to go public with their romantic relationship.

Keanu Reeves at the premiere of ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ on May 7, 2003 in Los Angeles. | Source: Getty Images

This bond was born after years of friendship where, over the years, they collaborated on projects together.

In addition to collaborations, Grant, according to a source, has helped Reeves exorcise his demons and open up about his difficult history.

Filled with warmth and kindness, mirroring his beauty, she helped him move forward in his life, despite his past struggles.


Reeves and his former girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, fell in love after meeting at a party in 1998. The two conceived a daughter. But she was stillborn at eight months on Christmas Eve 1999. The near-parents said goodbye to the baby girl they named Ava.

The couple tried to stay together after the tragedy. But, heartbreak caused an irreparable rift between the couple, so Reeves and Syme went their separate ways.

Two years after losing Ava, Syme died in a car accident on her way to a party hosted by Marilyn Manson. She was reportedly drunk at the time of the accident.


The deaths of loved ones continued to plague Reeves’ life. After a 10-year battle with cancer, her sister Kim Reeves has passed away.

Later, the beloved actor and his best friend River Phoenix passed away at just 23 years old. The star died after taking a mixture of morphine and cocaine called “Speedball”.

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Another actress and singer, Naomi Judd, recently lost her battle with depression, leaving behind devastated fans and her two daughters, Ashley Judd and Wynonna Judd.

While alive, Naomi said she believed her depression stemmed from her traumatic background. She said she had no one to rely on from a young age and had to take care of herself financially and emotionally.

But the star said it wasn’t just because of her past situation. Instead, depression also ran in his genes – both mother and father in the family faced this disease.

Her depression was severe and resistant to treatment, making it even more difficult to manage and survive. And so, no matter how hard she tried or the various pills she took, unfortunately on April 30, 2022, her daughter Ashley had to take to Twitter to announce the death of her mother.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Other international suicide hotlines are available at befrienders.org.


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