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How many children does Mariah Carey have?

Mariah Carey and ex-husband Nick Cannon share adorable twins. Carey focuses on teaching them to humble themselves while she and Cannon continue to work on co-parenting.

For some time now, there have been persistent rumors that whistle singer and Grammy winner Mariah Carey is a diva, high-maintenance and lives an extravagant life.

Although this is just speculation, her ex-husband Cannon opened up about it on the “Joe Budden Podcast”, stating that these whispers are not far from the truth.

Mariah Carey on MTV’s “Total Request Live” on April 12, 2006 in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

Cannon said Carey wouldn’t do a gig unless they paid him a large sum. Commenting on his insistence on a high salary, Carey’s ex-husband said:

“Mariah doesn’t get out of the house – it cost her $150,000, $200,000 just to get out of the house.”

But the singer said she earned what she had and what she demanded. The prolific singer said, “You know what? I don’t care [expletive]. I [expletive] I’m high-maintenance because I deserve to be at this stage.”


While Carey insists she gets what she pays for, the singer grew up in poverty. So she tries to keep her kids grounded as she grows. The singer expressed that she wanted to teach them that they are not entitled to anything. Carey said:

“Right now it’s like, ‘I want this,’ and I’m like, ‘You’re asking me for something that costs $20.’ I can’t even imagine having, like, a dollar when I was a kid because we didn’t have any money floating around, so they must appreciate those things.

She and her co-parent, Cannon, conceived twin boys, a boy and a girl, born in 2011. The girl’s name is Monroe and the son’s name is Moroccan, while their nicknames are Roe and Roc.

Monroe, named after the iconic Marilyn Monroe, weighed around 5 pounds and 18 inches when she was born. This little girl joined her mother on stage and made appearances in some Carey specials and videos. She has also tried her hand at modeling.

The Moroccan hasn’t been shy about getting noticed either, appearing in his mother’s videos and on red carpets. He was born slightly heavier than his sister, at around 5 pounds and 19 inches.


Carey and Cannon separated in 2014, but would be great co-parents. According to an inside source, Cannon is actively involved in the lives of the twins.

The musical artist claimed his ex-wife taught him a lot about co-parenting and they remain good friends.

Steve Harvey, who has seven children, also has twins: Karli and Brandi. These two girls were conceived during his first marriage to Marcia Harvey.

The girls were born in 1982, and both grew up to be successful women. Karli is a mentor and speaker, while her sister found a website called “Beyond Her”, which focuses on health and fitness.


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