How much is MLB on Apple TV? Subscription prices and package details



A 2022 deal between Apple TV and Major League Baseball set the terms of a multi-year deal that would result in a move of more than $85 million in revenue.

With so much revenue now involved, fans had high expectations for Apple’s streaming platform. Fortunately, no one seemed too disappointed at the end of the season.

For just $6.99 a month, fans can access “Friday Night Baseball,” to which Apple TV has exclusive rights. The segment offers fans a doubleheader of MLB action every Friday night, with pre-game and post-game coverage also available, with no blackout restrictions.

To yell @MLB for sending me two for the price of one. Deserving of making us watch the games on Apple tv

“Thank you @MLB for sending me two for the price of one. Worth having us watch the games on Apple TV” – Cam Belden

The 2023 started on April 7 with the Chicago Cubs taking on the Texas Rangers. Commentators Wayne Randazzo and Alex Faust have pledged to call at least the first half of the season. The “Friday Night Baseball” schedule for the remainder of the season is expected to be announced on June 30.

In addition to live action, Apple TV also offers fans in the United States and Canada a wealth of other MLB-related content. In-game play, fast forward, and save actions are also available to viewers through a subscription.

For fans who sign up before the deadline in June, the service offers a seven-day free trial to get to know the platform better. Although there are subscription fees after this date, it’s still a great opportunity for fans to catch MLB action without having to pay.

In addition to baseball programming, fans also have access to hundreds of movies, dramas, and TV series available through the platform. The streaming service is therefore popular with those who don’t even watch baseball, but still praise the system’s infrastructure when it comes to streaming.

The last time the @Cardinals played the @Dodgers on Friday Night Baseball, we witnessed history.

“The last time the @Cardinals played the @Dodgers on Friday Night Baseball, we witnessed history. -MLB

Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV enters another proud season

With so many options in the game, Apple’s streaming service is among the best when it comes to giving viewers the best experience.

With YouTube TV and the league unlikely to strike a deal this season, it looks like other streaming services could gain a lot of traction this year.

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