How to Choose the Right Workout for You – Tips from a Denver Fitness Influencer

You’ve thought about training, but where to start? With social media trends, 30-day challenges, and YouTube tutorials swarming the internet, how do you know which workout is truly best for you?

We Asked the Denver Coach and Coach Tess Yancey will share her top eight tips for finding an exercise routine that inspires rather than intimidates.

  1. Create fitness goals. Clearly identifying your goals will help you chart a clear path to why and how you will achieve those goals.
  2. Choose exercises that you enjoy doing. Choosing exercises that you enjoy doing is a great way to start a lasting habit that you’ll have a great time doing consistently.
  3. Identify which workout is best for weight loss. If you have weight loss, muscle building, or toning goals, it’s best to have a combination of strength training (mostly) and some cardiovascular exercise for conditioning. How you eat is also 90% of the game!
  4. Focus a workout routine on specific goals. When you start losing weight or making progress in your fitness journey, you’ll likely come to a crossroads. One is “I’m about to reach my goal weight!” I can be done with all this soon! or “I am approaching my goal weight. What is my new body capable of? People in the first group tend to backslide because temporary action equals temporary results. The reason why the second group tends to do better is that there is a distinct mental shift – training is no longer a means to an end, but focuses on physical challenges rather than loss goals weight. Once you’re hooked, it’s like playing a “one more level” video game, i.e., “one more rep!” The less you worry about your weight and the more you worry about your performance, the more likely you are to build a body that you are physically and functionally proud of and that is permanent.
  5. Choose the exercises that best fit your lifestyle. Look for workout programs that work in your life situation. For example, establishing a bodyweight training routine if you train at home without equipment or do powerlifting at the local gym or run 5K.
  6. Make time for yourself each day. Really consider your lifestyle. When do you really have time for a 40 minute workout? Plan it on your calendar the week before and remember that it’s not a punishment, it’s your “me time!”
  7. Track the results of your training plan. Here’s my optimized checklist for effortless awesomeness: happiness and good nudity! Work out two to three times a week, do something fun once or twice a week, walk whenever you can, and focus on your diet. Start there, then ask yourself two things. 1) Track your compliance to see if you actually did the workouts this week. If you did, great! Go to question two. If you haven’t, you’ve learned you’re doing too much, give yourself grace, do less and repeat. 2) Measure how close you are to your weight/skill/physical goal. Are you healthier, happier and more confident? If so, great! Keep doing what you are doing! Otherwise, great! This strategy did not work. Track your food intake, adjust your diet and repeat.
  8. Join a social sports class or team, or hire a trainer or nutrition coach. Having a support system in place and who you associate with is almost as important as how you train. As you improve a skill, do whatever you can to hang out with people who have mastered that skill. For example, do you want to improve in running? Join a running club. Want to take bodybuilding more seriously? Hire a personal trainer or join a group powerlifting class.

Visit Tess Yancey at or on IG @crushwithtess. Video by Christian Huerta, @christian.unlimited on Instagram.


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