How to Pack for Italy: A Guide to Exactly What to Wear

I normally always travel with carry-on luggage, but with all the recent reports of lost checked bags and the summer travel chaos hitting every airport, I’ve doubled down on my stance. I take no risks! Or so I thought to myself, until I tried to pack my bags for an eight-day vacation in Italy. Let me tell you: it was a process of editing everything to make sure it all fit in my Away carry-on. You may think there is certainly not I may have packed 21 coins, but I assure you that is the truth. Everything was light and thin for the high temperatures, so everything rolled up without taking up much space. And I was able to bring five pairs of shoes because most sandals were flat. No vacuum bag is needed here!

Since returning (unfortunately all holidays have to come to an end) I think I have pretty much sorted out the packaging situation as only one item was unworn. Not to brag, but it could be a record for me. The program was Rome for four days (highly recommend staying at the W while you’re there!), Naples for one, and Sorrento for three. If you’re thinking of traveling to Italy or packing for a country with a similar climate this time of year, here’s everything that made the difference in my small but mighty suitcase.


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