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How to pronounce Tove Lo—Watch the video

“You can think of it as do you want, ‘Too-vahlu’,” she said on TikTok. In the caption, she wrote, “@duolingo help a girl?”

This week, Tove Lo announced their fifth studio album, dirty woman, and released the first single, “True Romance”. The musician says the album is about her relationship with her femininity, telling Pitchfork, “When I started as a writer and artist, I considered my feminine traits to be weaker and enhanced my masculine traits to move forward. in life. “

“I feel a big shift in energy in my surroundings since then and this album reflects the different ways my feminine side has helped and hurt me,” she continues. “I am a pansexual woman married to a straight man. I believe that masculine and feminine live on a spectrum in all humans.”

She adds that Dirt Femme’s songs will “contradict each other, probably upset some of you, make you want to dance, cry, fuck, and drive your car really, really, fast.”

Do you want to, Tove Lo? YES !

dirty wife releases October 14, 2022.

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