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How to Sell Services to Clients: Step-by-Step Instructions

Many sellers have to manage not the sale of goods but the sale of services. This area is in demand. These services are provided by medical institutions, educational institutions, beauty salons, taxis, etc. They are provided not only by companies, but also by individuals performing certain tasks. However, not everyone knows how to properly organize a business and get a stable and high income. This article explains how to sell services.

Why do you need this?

Often entrepreneurs are encouraged to sell services. Many companies pay more for this. However, not all sellers understand why this is necessary. Can you sell your services if your business has just opened? make necessary. You must use a proven method.

How to sell services

It all boils down to the fact that the service is considered a high-margin product, that is, the profit made from it is greater than the merchandise. For example, the extra cost of air conditioning can go unnoticed, and selling this equipment in season often reduces profits. However, when the installation of the equipment is ordered, the company will receive a high income bracket that pays all its income.

Product Sales Principles

Everyone has a different way of getting information. A person can be a visual, auditory or kinesthetic person. Some people remember everything visually, others by ear, and others by touch. A full person uses all three methods, but there is always a more comfortable method.

Service for sale

It’s hard to sell visuals and fitness equipment. The seller can talk a lot about the merchandise, but it will be difficult to implement unless the buyer sees or touches it. Many customers search for products on their own, so they are guided by the senses. Therefore, it is important to use these methods to sell goods so that they are suitable for most people.

Features of service implementation

This service is considered a bit trickier. In order to please the customer, she must learn to express it correctly. How to sell services? Proven principles must be followed.

  • The service must be of high quality, otherwise it will not be popular with customers.
  • Salesperson training plays an important role. In many ways, trading success depends on it.
  • It is important to create visualizations of your services: brochures, flyers, posters, leaflets, presentations, etc. Thus, the buyer is more aware of the information.
  • Customers must ensure their safety through an individualized approach.

Given these rules, the sale of goods and services. This will help you attract customers that can be forever. At the same time, it is necessary to improve the work of the company, improve the quality of its services and find new ways to attract customers.

Step by step instructions

What services can you sell? The main thing is to use proven methods.

It is necessary to choose the method of implementation taking into account the needs of the customer.

  • It is necessary to introduce unique features that differ from those that are competitive in the business.
  • It is important to position your business well.
  • You must use flexible pricing.
  • You need to create a convenient buying process.
  • You must advertise your service.
  • An individual approach is important for every client.

With these principles, you can make all your services public and popular. It is important to choose an appropriate method of implementation by telephone, Internet or any other media.


Consumers need to see the work, so show a video or photo. We can advise and train you. If it is informational work, you may submit reports in electronic media such as screenshots and presentations.

Consumers should evaluate the results and show their activity. Facts about the work performed are important. If the consumer is satisfied, he should ask for help.

Sell ​​services over the phone

This type of sale is considered the most difficult. Now various companies are doing business such as banking and Forex. Investment, installation of meters, internet connection. How to sell services over the phone? You must follow these rules:

  • The competition is fierce, so you need a great sales script to help you reach your customers.
  • Sellers should use their selling skills and know everything about the services they offer.
  • You must be able to handle objections and complete transactions with precision.
  • Telephone sales must be made using para-verbal communication – intonation, voice.
  • It is important to make the required number of calls over a period of time.

Whatever service you provide, you need to find customers if there is a demand. Often this is done by trial and error. It is necessary to control the work of competitors.

How to sell legal, medical, transport services? You must have a site designed according to modern requirements. What services can you sell? Excellent booking of tickets, moving, advice in various areas of life.

The site should be informative, with optimized comments on articles, the possibility of receiving payments and a section with reviews. You must use the social networking features which can be used to create communities. This way you can get in touch with the buyer. There are other ways to create advertisements on the Internet.

Competitors have their pros and cons. Disadvantages include having a marketing policy in place. It is important to offer favorable conditions compared to other companies. Internet providers, for example, offer free connection and setup. These skills will help you win many new customers.


How to provide high service profit? You can use dumping to save money (below market). This strategy is necessary to get small businesses out of the market. Dumping is great for promoting your business.

Customers come to price, and it can go quickly. They are not permanent as they are attracted to more profitable options that may appear from other companies.

Competitor error

How else can you sell services? You can use the mistakes of your competitors. You should take advantage. For example, if the supplier interferes with communication, the competitor uses the media to panic. It is important to provide more favorable conditions at this time.

The secrets of a successful sale

You should focus on service. It is the key to a successful business. Clients should be friends who are interested in their own interests. Service users matter in every little thing. Be quick to respond to requests, calls and a respectful greeting. An important first impression.

Companies must be fair to consumers. Therefore, you must keep your promises. Only a quality service will contact you. If discounts and promotions are offered, all of this should be real to customers.

Correct placement of services is required. Consumers rate this based on their personal experience. This is how people’s opinions about the work of the company are formed. If a consumer likes the company, they will serve others. Each person is unique, therefore an individual approach allows you to have a positive attitude towards the work of the company.

Maintenance required

  • Furniture;
  • Provide information;
  • Advertising;
  • Transit;
  • Speciality.

Housekeeping services will always be in demand as people constantly need help in their daily lives. It can be home repairs, hairdressing or hairdressing work. Need studio, clothes repair, dry cleaning. For no reason, many businesses no longer open.

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Domestic services include nursing and child care. Some people use it for lack of time, others for lack of skills. Opening a personal services business does not require a lot of investment compared to other types of businesses.

You can sell your personal services through advertising, posting on the Internet, and distributing brochures and booklets. You should regularly organize discounts and promotions for your customers. Then he definitely stays.

Information services are needed. You can get expert advice in a variety of areas, including recruiting, finding clients, auditing, advising on specific issues, gathering information, and training.

Information services include radio, television, newspapers and the Internet. Each client must be provided with a business card, activity booklet. An individual approach to each individual allows you to attract buyers to your services.

Advertising services are popular, allowing each business to create banners, host events, and advertise as needed. The services of animators and promoters are required. Businesses need help creating a website and promoting it.

Transport services are popular in Russia. This can be the transport of goods, passengers or deliveries by courier. Call for all kinds of effective advertisements for this activity. Specialized services include medical, legal, technical and construction services. Each of these areas is promoted by good sales management.


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