How to Wear the TikTok Viral Corset Trend

There is viral and then there is ICT Tac viral. And as the hottest social media app of 2022, exploding on TikTok means there’s some serious clout behind it. After all, the app is responsible for selling everything from the mundane like scrub sponges and shredded chicken boxes to Abercrombie dresses and salicylic liquid scrubs, so when a recent report declared the corset as the hottest trend popular of TikTok with 3.7 billion views, that definitely means something.

Though it’s peaking now, the corset’s popularity may come as less of a surprise to those who’ve been keeping tabs on circulating trends. Last year, the Renaissance corset made the rounds on social media as a microtrend, and since then we’ve only seen more variations of the piece from names like Jean Paul Gaultier, Gucci, Meowth, and more. . The good part is that you don’t have to be born after 2001 to appreciate the piece’s sartorial power – it’s actually quite simple to pull off. To see how fashion people everywhere, myself included, are pulling off TikTok’s officially most viral trend, you’ll want to keep reading.


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