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I Bought a $15 Router at Goodwill – and I Found a Millionaire’s Dirty Secrets



Here are some free tips for 2023: Delete all personal information – and sexual content – ​​from your electronic devices before giving it to Goodwill.

A German TikToker, who goes by the name @dankeunextgay on the platform, is going viral for detailing the juicy documents and photos he claims he found on a $15 Apple Time Capsule he allegedly bought from the retailer of occasion.

In its December 14 video, the TikToker showed viewers that its MacBook was backed up by the previous owner’s files that dated back to 2010, when the wireless router was allegedly last used.

“I’m sorry, Don, to go through your bullshit,” he said, identifying the man only by his first name.

The Time Capsule was last used in 2010, according to the TikToker who bought it.
TikTok User Willhelm Apple Time Capsule TikTok
“I’m sorry, Don, to go through your bullshit,” the TikToker apologized.

“It is [kinda] scary,” he captioned the clip which has been viewed 5.6 million times.

A two-minute follow-up video offered more explanation of the Time Capsule, which Apple discontinued in 2018.

“Instead of having just one save, it has a whole list of saves. That way if you want to go back to a certain time period, you can just go there instead,” the TikToker revealed.

“So it’s not just a copy of his computer, it’s dozens of different time periods going back to 2010.”

He claimed that Don had photos on his hardware dating back to the 1980s. He speculated that he was either a business owner or a CEO.

“There’s audit history, credit card numbers, theft info. I have this man’s bank account number,” the TikToker said. “I can see how much money he had in the bank at some point. I even have his life insurance information, and this guy is worth millions of dollars.

He continued: “Now keep in mind this is from 2010 so it’s probably dead by now. But still, the fact that I have access to it is crazy.

The results raised mixed feelings, especially for Don.

“It’s a NIGHTMARE to me and exactly why I’m hoarding every electronic device I’ll ever have,” one person feared.

“That makes me sweat, and I’m not Don,” moaned another.

“Don wanted you to find him. You’ve been selected for a mission,” another joked.

“The fucking don lowkey looks awesome. RIP,” said another.

The discovery seemed grounded in reality for other users.

“LOL the way my late grandfather was called Don, was an Apple nerd since they ditched the Mac and owned a business…I’m suspicious,” one person said.

“Okay EVEN I’m kinda freaking out,” another person replied.

TikTok User Willhelm Apple Time Capsule TikTok
The TikToker has promised a series exploring hard drive discoveries in thrift stores.

In what appears to be good news for Don, the TikToker claimed that he would delete all of his information once he was done browsing.

“It’s no use to me and I feel uncomfortable guarding other people’s stuff,” he said. “It was crazy.”

“And to answer the question that I know everyone will ask, there was porn,” he added. “So this is it.”

If nothing else, the purchase served as a good reminder: “Don’t give your old tech to Goodwill,” the TikToker pointed out.

In a third video, he revealed that he was trying to track down Don’s family members to return his Time Capsule intact.

“I don’t feel comfortable having it, and I don’t want to just delete it, so I’ll see if I can at least find someone to give it to,” he said before. to announce that he would scour thrift stores for spicy information on similar devices.


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