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I canceled my daughter’s 16th party after she got in trouble and she called me a terrible dad



A father has been praised after revealing he canceled his daughter’s birthday party when his unruly behavior led to one of his friends falling ill.

The anonymous USA dad wrote a post on Reddit in which he explained that he had promised his teenage daughter a 16th birthday party, but that had a catch – she had to start behaving.

He told other Reddit users that his daughter’s behavior had improved to the point that he started throwing the party, but then he got a call from his school who put her in the Hot water.

According to the father, the teenager had slipped a water bottle full of alcohol into the classroom and one of her friends had consumed so much alcohol that she had to see the school nurse.

In response to the shocking phone call, the dad canceled his birthday party – and other Reddit users agreed he made the right decision.

A father has revealed his daughter brought a water bottle full of booze to school, forcing a friend to see the school nurse (stock image)

A father has revealed his daughter brought a water bottle full of booze to school, forcing a friend to see the school nurse (stock image)

As the father explained his predicament with the unruly teenager, he said his daughter’s behavior can sometimes be unpredictable and she sometimes “goes wild” at home, reports The Mirror.

He explained that he hired tutors to try to improve his grades and also started taking him to a therapist.

To try to curb her bad behavior, the father told her that he would throw her a party for her 16th birthday if she stayed out of trouble and got a good mark on her next math test.

However, he wrote: ‘I got a call from school on Wednesday that she had slipped in a water bottle filled with alcohol and a friend of hers needed to be sent to the nurse.

The distressed father said he immediately punished his daughter and took away her electronics as soon as they got home. He only lets her use her phone in an emergency.

As a final form of punishment, he canceled his 16th birthday party.

“She got mad and started yelling at me that I was the worst dad in the world. She stormed into her room and slammed the door,” he said.

After the father shared his story online, he was inundated with comments assuring him he had done the right thing.

One person said he was a ‘good parent’ and the girl was lucky she hadn’t been deported.

Another said he gave her conditions for the birthday party and she broke them, so now she has to ‘deal with the consequences’.

A person who had read the father’s story suggested the couple start going to therapy together.

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