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“I haven’t seen you in ages!” Millionaire tells man digging dumpster and asks him to get in his car – Story of the day

A homeless old man is rummaging through garbage cans for food when a luxury car pulls up next to him and a millionaire asks him to get in his car. The homeless man is confused to say the least, as he does not recognize the millionaire at all.

Oliver, 65, sighed bitterly, staring at the red signal light and clutching his stomach to assuage the feeling of hunger. As the cars moved up and down the road, his gaze was fixed on the dumpster in the opposite alley, and he was eager to get there.

After a few seconds, when the signal light finally turned green, Oliver wheeled his wheelchair to the dumpster and started digging for even the smallest bits of food he could find. He was so hungry he felt like he was going to pass out any minute, and the heat waves blowing through the summer afternoon only made it worse.

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Unsplash

A few years ago, life had been very different for Oliver. He was a happy family man with a loving wife and son. But the day his wife died, Oliver’s world began to crumble. First his son kicked him out of the house, then he lost his savings and his respect.

After being evicted, Oliver worked day and night to rent a small house. But then he suffered a stroke and was confined to a wheelchair, making him a liability rather than an asset to the company he worked for, and he was fired.

” Who are you ? Do I know you, sir? Oliver asked tearfully, moved by the man’s kindness, and the man gave him a big smile.

Oliver tried to find work again but couldn’t. Soon his savings ran out and when he couldn’t pay the rent, he became homeless.

“Can you please give me a little more time?” he asked his owner in tears.

The man refused. “I allowed you to stay here for three months without rent, Oliver. I’m sorry, I can’t do anything now.”

For illustrative purposes only.  |  Source: Unsplash

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Unsplash

Unfortunately, Oliver’s friends had moved on or were no longer alive, and he had no parents because he and his wife were orphans. As a result, he had no one to turn to for help. He accepted his fate and embraced life as a homeless man, living in an abandoned car in a parking lot, knowing there was no way out.

That day, while exploring the dumpster in search of food, Oliver suddenly found a half-eaten sandwich and his happiness knew no bounds. He took a huge bite and wept with relief as he ate it. The bacon inside had gone bad, he knew that, but having something to eat was better than starving, so he just ate it like it was the best food in the world. He rummaged through the trash for more food, hoping to find something to store for dinner.

Suddenly, a luxury car pulled up next to him and the millionaire businessman sitting in the back rolled down his window. “Good God!” he shouted from his car. “I haven’t seen you in ages. Is that you, Oliver?

For illustrative purposes only.  |  Source: Unsplash

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Unsplash

Oliver stopped digging and looked up to see a man in a tuxedo getting out of the car. As the rich man approached him, he hugged Oliver and invited him to his car.

Oliver had never been so confused in his life. He wasn’t used to being treated this way; everyone brushed him off for his scruffy looks or ignored him.

” Who are you ? Do I know you, sir? he asked in tears, moved by the man’s kindness, and the man gave him a big smile.

“It’s me, Oliver! Sean! Remember? We were together in college!”

“Sean? Oliver thought for a moment and then memories came flooding back to him.

“Oh, no way! he cried, suddenly remembering his long-lost friend. “It must be unreal. I’m so happy to see you again after so long, Sean! I – I’m very embarrassed by my appearance, though,” he added sadly.

“You have nothing to be ashamed of, Oliver. But what really happened? What exactly are you doing here?

For illustrative purposes only.  |  Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

Oliver shared his painful story and Sean felt terrible for him.

“Walk in!” he said, motioning for Oliver to get into his car. Oliver hesitated, but he was just too happy to see Sean and obliged. With the help of Sean’s driver, Oliver managed to get into the car, his wheelchair stowed in the trunk.

Sean took him to a local restaurant where he ordered a lot of food for him. While Oliver ate, Sean reminded him of their good old days, and the two pals couldn’t help but discuss the beauty of their youth.

Oliver was always a bright and intelligent student who excelled academically and athletically. Sean, on the other hand, was used to putting minimal effort into everything because he preferred to do things smart rather than the hard way. He even dropped out of college to start his business, and while everyone thought Sean would never accomplish anything in life, Oliver always encouraged him.

After graduating from college, Oliver moved to another town, and that’s how they lost touch. But fate brought them together again.

“You don’t deserve this kind of life, Oliver!” I hate to see you living like this! Sean told him. “And I’m sorry to say this, but your son is a jerk! How can someone do this to his parents? How can he fire you?”

For illustrative purposes only.  |  Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

Olivier sighed. “He doesn’t live there anymore. He sold the house and moved out. I went there about two years ago…”

Sean felt bad for Oliver, and he knew he had to help him, so he offered Oliver to stay in his house and introduced him to his family, his wife, Lydia, and his twin daughters, Maryl and Catherine, who affectionately called him Uncle Oliver.

Later, Sean helped Oliver find a job at his company, and Oliver was soon able to afford a rented house. However, Sean insisted that Oliver stay with him and his family.

“I can’t let my daughters’ uncle go like this. You have to stay, Oliver, because you’re part of this family too,” he said, and Oliver couldn’t argue otherwise.

What can we learn from this story?

  • True friends stick with you through good times and bad. Sean was a true friend who didn’t hesitate to help his friend in distress. Such friends deserve our full appreciation.
  • Be kind and help others because there is always someone who lives worse than you. Everyone either ignored Oliver or dismissed him for being homeless, but without thinking of anything else, Sean stepped in to help his friend, even though they had long lost contact. He was a kind man and a true friend.

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