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Identifying gender persecution in conflict and atrocities: A toolkit for documenters, investigators, and adjudicators of crimes towards humanity | Publications

In conflicts and atrocities across the globe, armed actors perpetrate gender-based crimes amounting to persecution as a criminal offense towards humanity in an work to boost oppressive, discriminatory gender narratives. Hardly ever documented, perpetrators are barely ever held accountable for these crimes. As a outcome, their crimes of persecution are usually excluded from thing to consider by worldwide and domestic tribunals, and in outcome, are left out of historical past.

This toolkit for determining gender persecution in conflicts and atrocities aims to near the accountability gap by providing a framework for recognizing and knowledge illicit conduct that quantities to gender persecution to investigators, legal professionals, advocates, documenters, to start with responders, and other individuals who engage in pinpointing gender-dependent crimes in conflict and atrocity options.

Area 1 of the toolkit offers an overview of the intercontinental crime of persecution on gender grounds as a crime against humanity. It examines how international prison legislation acknowledges and contextualizes the thought of gender discrimination in the intent to commit crimes.

Segment 2 outlines how persecution on gender grounds manifests, including by means of reliance on and reinforcement of entrenched gender narratives. This section also delivers previous and current illustrations of gender persecution throughout a vary of geographic, cultural, and political contexts, as very well as direction on how to recognize distinct types of gender-pushed discriminatory crimes this sort of as murder, torture, enslavement, rape, and other types of sexual violence.

Section 3 gives physical exercises and applications to help the reader with pinpointing and documenting gender persecution.

The toolkit concludes, in Portion 4, with recommendations for ensuring accountability for gender persecution.

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