Illegal gold miners continue to poison Guyana with mercury

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The fight against illegal gold panning in Guyana involves the seizure of mercury, a toxic metal essential for gold diggers. But if they can no longer buy locally, all they have to do is go to Suriname by crossing the Maroni River. A team of journalists has done the experiment and shows that it is very easy to buy them in the neighboring country. Several hundred kilos were seized by the French authorities.

An exceptional swell causes significant damage in Polynesia. It caused two injuries while a large part of the archipelagos had been placed on alert.

In New Caledonia, the metallurgical group Koniambo Nickel, nicknamed KNS, a new president, the Australian Neil Meadows. Journalists accompanied him to the North factory, an industrial complex delivered in 2014 that KNS operates with the giant Glencore. Growth prospects are good for this company.

The Vega-C rocket successfully took off on Wednesday July 13 from Kourou, Guyana. The Italian launcher is larger and more powerful than its previous version from 2012. It sent seven satellites into orbit. A reassuring success for the future of European space, because Vega-C uses common elements with Ariane 6.

In Martinique, a shared medical center will open its doors to deal with the lack of health professionals. The project will be located in the city of François.

Finally, a Basque story in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon. Filmmaker Mikel Otxoteko set off to discover a part of his family history in the North Atlantic, guided by the video archives of his mother who lived there between 1971 and 1976.

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