in Geneva, the Swiss saddened by the retirement of Federer

Caroline Baudry (special envoy to Geneva), edited by Thibault Nadal
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8:12 a.m., September 23, 2022

Roger Federer will play the last match of his career on Friday evening with Rafael Nadal, not as an opponent, but as a doubles teammate on the first day of the Laver Cup in London. The Swiss are preparing for their champion’s final farewell match. But in Geneva, people still refuse to believe it.


“Roger forever”. This is the headline of a weekly Swiss press. “It’s great, it’s a nice wink. They were, I think, the biggest rivals of the last 20 years, so it’s a nice end to the story. It’s a great great friendship between the two, they are two exceptional personalities”, launch Raphaël and Silvan, two tennis fans, delighted to learn that Roger Federer will conclude his doubles career with Rafael Nadal this Friday in London, for the Laver Cup.

“Roger Federer is Switzerland’s first ambassador to the world”

Agathe closes her down jacket as she leaves the station hall. This resident of Geneva says she follows tennis from afar, but she will miss the athlete and the man. “He is a genius at the sporting level. He has always known how to rejoice in great restraint”, she explains. For Valentin taxi driver, this evening will be special, because it is in his car that he will follow the last match of the Swiss legend.

“Roger Federer is the first Swiss citizen, the first Swiss ambassador to the whole world. It’s like Coca-Cola, everyone knows him,” he laughs.

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