In response to the riots, the Republicans align themselves with the far right



Several elected Les Républicains, including party president Éric Ciotti and senator boss Bruno Retailleau, have distinguished themselves in recent days by outbidding proposals and proposals in line with the far right.

Controversial remarks and shock security proposals : several elected The Republicans (LR) no longer hesitate to align themselves with the far right to unmask themselves from the government and activate their firmness in the face of the rioters.

The president of the LR group in the Senate, Bruno Retailleau, thus explained an outcry, Wednesday 5 July, assuring that there was a link between immigration and the Lost Week riots and “a kind of regression towards ethnic origins” on the part of “the second and third generations”.

“Of course, they are French, but they are French by their identity and unfortunately, for the second and third generations, there is a sort of regression towards ethnic origins”, he said on franceinfo about the profile. young people who took part in the riots following the death of Nahel, killed during a police check.

“It’s a double penalty for the French : they paid and now we will have to rebuild because the wild ones have burned down !”, also denounced Bruno Retailleau.

Proposals quickly condemned by the left: the president of the group La France insoumise (LFI) in the National Assembly Mathilde Panot denounced the “crass racism of a president of a routed group who is no longer a Republican except in name” , the first secretary of the Socialist Party (PS) spoke of “the zemmourisation of minds” and the environmental group of the Senate pointed to “openly racist proposals”.

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The government, too, contradicted such an approach. “The only identity explanation seems very wrong to me”, replied Tuesday the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, during questions to the government in the National Assembly, specifying that “less than 10 % of those arrested were foreigners” and “90 % French”.

“Why in some places it’s young people with an immigrant background, in others it’s not at all ?”, Questioned for his part the spokesman of the government, Olivier Véran, Thursday morning. “Why in certain places, it is young people who are known to the services (…) and in most places, not at all ?”, does he have continue, announce a work in progress carried out by “a set of professionals” so that “we can identify common factors, if there are any”.

Abolish family allowances

These speeches are accompanied by proposals that want to be tougher than each other. It is about being on the initiative against the government, on the one hand, and not leaving the field open to the National Rally (RN) and Reconquest, on the other hand.

The president of LR, Éric Ciotti, therefore called on Tuesday to resurrect his controversial law to abolish family allowances based in particular on school absenteeism, while Senator LR Stéphane Le Rudulier presented a bill aimed at lowering the majority penal to 16 years and to introduce minimum prison sentences for all attackers of police officers, elected officials and representatives of the State.

“I tabled my bill on the desk of the National Assembly. We must stop with the speeches : if Mr. Macron decides to put it on the agenda, we can vote on it before July 14,” he told reporters.

The new version of its text, consulted by AFP, goes far beyond the framework of that voted in 2010, then repealed by the left in 2013, and does not only concern absenteeism. It provides that when convictions and court decisions impose “obligations or prohibitions on a minor child”, these must be “notified to the holders of parental authority”.

A “contract (…) between justice and the parents” would oblige the latter to ensure that the minor respects these decisions, under penalty of two years’ imprisonment and 30 000 euro fine. In the event of “manifest refusal” to respect this contract, the judge could ask for a suspension of the part of the allowances corresponding to the minor.

Questioning of the law of the soil

Another article provides for similar measures in the event of repeated attacks by a pupil on the “values ​​of the Republic”, with the signing of a “parental responsibility contract”, and the possibility for the president of the departmental council to suspend , where applicable, the payment of social benefits.

“There were a few tens of thousands (…) of rioters, for those, you have to be relentless”, also said Éric Ciotti on Tuesday, believing that “behind these riots, there is the problem of the immigration”, certain rioters feeding themselves according to him a “hatred of France”.

“It is out of the question that the jus soli (…) applies to those who have been convicted in these riots”, he asked in particular, also calling for a “forfeiture of nationality” for the dual nationals “convicted “on the sidelines of the riots.

A proposal formulated almost simultaneously by the president of Reconquête, Éric Zemmour, on Twitter : “Among the rioters, there are a third of minors. A certain number of them are not supposed to obtain French nationality until they are 18 respond. I propose that any participation in #riots with an offense against state representations, public buildings, elected officials, law enforcement or firefighters be grounds for refusal of French nationality. These cannot become our compatriots.”

Forfeiture of nationality is currently only possible for persons who have acquired French nationality and possess another nationality and who have been convicted of certain crimes or misdemeanors such as an act of terrorism or constituting an attack on the fundamental interests of the Nation. François Hollande had wanted to introduce the forfeiture of nationality for French-born dual nationals after the 2015 attacks, before canceling it because of the outcry that his proposal had involved within his own camp.

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