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Inside the ‘royal treatment’ star’s love life


Actress Laura Marano. | Source: Getty Images

In the romantic comedy “The Royal Treatment”, Laura Marano is a hairdresser who accidentally falls in love with a prince. But in her real life, she keeps her love interests secret.

Pretty singer/actress Laura Marano is the kind of girl every mother wants her son to bring home for Christmas, like in all those romantic comedies. In fact, Marano is set to become the next rom-com princess, but her love life is a mystery.

No one knows who Laura Marano is dating. There are no headlines revealing Laura Marano’s boyfriend. Fans are wondering if she’s really as lonely as she looks or if she’s keeping a steamy romance a secret.

Laura Marano at the 13th Annual Thirst Gala and 2nd Annual Legacy Ball on October 15, 2022 in Beverly Hills. | Source: Getty Images

Born in 1995, Laura Marano is one of Hollywood’s brightest young stars. Her fresh beauty and wholesome charm make her the perfect ingenue, a no-brainer for the lead role in comedies and sweet romances.

She’s also a talented singer, and that doesn’t hurt either. At 16, she was cast in the Disney Channel series “Austin & Ally” in the title role of Ally Dawson. The series ran for four seasons and made Marano a household name.

The sizzling chemistry between Marano and Massoud had romantics sighing and imagining the actors would still gaze fondly into each other’s eyes after the director shouted “cut!”

Marano started acting at the age of five, and before ‘Austin & Ally’, she appeared on TV shows like ‘Children’s Hospital’, ‘Ghost Whisperer’, ‘Dexter’ and ‘Heroes’. She also had a recurring role on the procedural drama “Without a Trace” for three seasons.

Is Laura Marano dating anyone now?

Marano’s latest film, ‘The Royal Treatment’, which she also produced, made her an instant romantic figure – and her chemistry with her on-screen love interest Mena Massoud has fans dreaming of real-life romance.

The actress is as pretty as a picture, smart, talented, and brilliant, so of course fans are sure she must be surrounded by eager beaus. But whether or not Marano dodges adoring admirers who throw red roses at her feet is something only she knows.

If Marano is dating someone, she doesn’t tell, and if there’s a man who’s lucky enough to have won her heart, he doesn’t tell. Marano is determined to keep her personal life private and away from social media and headlines.

Who has Laura Marano dated in the past?

In the past, Marano is known to have had a relationship with songwriter and musician Thom Macken from 2018 to 2020. The romance may be over with Macken, but the friendship lives on. In July 2021, Marano spoke about Macken’s work on his EP “You!” She explained:

“He did a lot of that EP with me because we were dating at the time and he was really part of the process.”

Prior to that, in 2014, Marano dated Andrew Gorin, and from 2010 to 2011 she dated her “Austin & Ally” co-star, actor and musician Ross Lynch, who played Austin Moon. Maybe it’s Marano’s story with a former costar that made the buzz around her and Mena Massoud.

Is there something between Laura Marano and Mena Massoud?

In “The Royal Treatment”, Marano and Massoud play a hairdresser with a passion for social reform and a philanthropic prince who falls in love as she prepares him for his wedding to someone else.

The sizzling chemistry between Marano and Massoud had romantics sighing and imagining the actors would still gaze fondly into each other’s eyes after the director shouted “cut!” But the speculations are wrong.

Massoud and Marano are good friends, and the “Alladin” actor has a long-term relationship with actress and beauty queen Emily Shah, who starred in the 2022 film, “Jungle Cry.” Looks like Laura Marano is still waiting for her Prince Charming.


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