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Iran to participate in exercises with Russia and China — RT World News

Tehran’s chief of staff says naval maneuvers will take place in the Indian Ocean

Iranian Navy to participate in joint exercises with Russian and Chinese warships “this autumn,” Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri announced Thursday in Tehran.

Iran’s armed forces chief of staff did not provide many details on the planned maneuvers, but said other countries like Oman and Pakistan could also participate.

Bagheri made the announcement on the sidelines of a military parade in Tehran marking Sacred Defense Week, according to the Mehr news agency.

“Exercises involving the Iranian, Russian and Chinese navies will take place this fall in the northern part of the Indian Ocean,” he added. Mehr quoted Bagheri as saying.

It would be the fourth joint exercise by the three navies since 2019, and the first since the escalation of hostilities in Ukraine. Eleven Iranian ships, three Russian warships and two Chinese took part in the January 2022 exercises in the northern Indian Ocean. Among the activities carried out at the time were artillery fire at naval targets, search and rescue operations and freeing a civilian vessel from pirates, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Russia and China launch joint patrol in the Pacific

Russia and China conducted a joint patrol in the northern Pacific off the coast of Japan earlier this month. A total of eight ships from the Russian Pacific Fleet and the People’s Liberation Army Navy took part in the maneuvers.

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