Irrigation of the Saïss plain: Agriculture is looking for a manager

the hydro-agricultural development project will make it possible to intensify agricultural development and sustain and improve the agricultural income of farmers in the project area

The Department of Agriculture is looking for a specialized operator to entrust him with the management and operation of future irrigation infrastructure in the Saïss plain. The project currently being developed covers an overall area of ​​45,000 ha. Some 4,800 farms will benefit from this project, the cost of which amounts to 5.8 billion DH. Its entry into service is scheduled for the end of 2023.

The Department of Agriculture continues to develop major irrigation infrastructure. He is working on the establishment of a delegated management contract for the operation of future irrigation infrastructure in the development phase in the Saïss plain. This large-scale project covers an overall area of ​​approximately 45,000 ha, 30,000 of which will be supplied with irrigation water by the project. The target population is around 4,800 farms, or 25,000 inhabitants.

The Saïss plateau is a vast and fertile agricultural area framed by the pre-rifan ridges to the north, the edge of the middle Atlas causse to the south, the Oued Sebou valley to the east and the tributaries of the Oued Beht to the West. It corresponds to the central part of the South Rif corridor, extending over approximately 100 km from east to west and over 30 km from north to south. The project area mainly covers the concerned municipalities of the prefecture of Fez Dar Dbibegh and the provinces of Moulay Yacoub, Meknes, El Hajeb, Séfrou, Khémisset and Ifrane.

Through this giant project, Agriculture intends to save irrigation in the plain of Saïss and reduce the deficit of the water table in the region currently at -100 Mm³/year. It also involves intensifying agricultural development and sustaining and improving the agricultural income of farmers in the target area. It should be noted that the works for the construction of the project’s infrastructures are in progress for a delivery scheduled for the end of 2023. irrigation infrastructure. The private delegate will be selected through an international call for tenders.

Ongoing developments have enabled the mobilization and transfer of 125 Mm³/year from the M’dez dam. On the technical level, the project is composed of several works including an intake on the M’dez dam, a dead head adduction over 17 km including a gallery over 5 km with ancillary works and another over 68 km inside the perimeter irrigated. It also includes development of the main distribution network up to the heads of the sectors over 140 km, including pumping stations and the distribution network within the sectors (irrigation and track networks). The project will absorb a total of 5.8 billion dirhams of investment.

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