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Iskra Lawrence ditches her skincare routine

Most important, however, is hydration — on her face, yes, but also on her neck, cleavage, backs of her hands and behind her ear. Still. “Hydrating the skin on my body is just as important as that on my face,” she explains. “And I really take the time to do that. I even think about the products I put on my skin – do I want to even out my skin tone? Do I want more clarification? Am I looking for serious hydration if I’m dry?”

So it’s only fitting that Lawrence launched her own skincare-inspired body care brand, Saltair. The collection of cleansers and lotions are made with natural botanicals and avoid questionable materials, preservatives or common skin irritants. But in addition to softer skin, Lawrence and Saltair’s goal is to make the sometimes mundane routine of a shower feel like a luxurious self-care ritual.

“I love the little time I have each day to invest in doing something for myself and my skin,” she says. “Your skin is part of you, it’s your biggest organ, so giving it some love is a priority.”

Here, Iskra Lawrence ditches her skincare routine.

My cleansers

I really liked the double cleanse, and this Make brand does a pre-cleanse. It is an oil cleansing; I’ve tried oil cleansers before and some stick to my skin, some are too thick for me, but this one has the nicest texture. It is really nice and milky when you activate it with water. At night, I put my pre-cleansing oil on and scrub it in. Then I take warm water in my hands and then I’ll have my second cleanser right there, so I can find this blindly. I use Face Reality Ultra Gentle Cleanser. It has really helped me with my breakouts and acne.

Besides, I still have a hot washcloth that I hung up next to me. Personally, I like my washcloth to be super hot and steamy. It makes me feel very clean. So I’m warm enough, wring it out, then put the flannel on my face and really enjoy that moment when I feel super clean and my pores have opened up. And then, while my skin is still damp, that’s when I apply my serum.

My Serums

I have a few different serums that I like to use. I sometimes put face serums on certain parts of my body, and I always put it on the back of my hands. Still. So depending on whether my skin is dry, congested or needs clarification, I really alternate between my different products. I’m mostly going to my Naturium Hyaluronic Acid right now, which is really, really hydrating and nourishing. It is very soft and soothing on my skin.

serum bottle

Naturium 5% Hyaluronic Acid Quadruple Serum

But I also have this Face Reality mandelic acid and I have progressed. I don’t use it every day because it’s quite an intense acid. I use it every other day or every other day. I’m currently at 8% – I started at 5%, I’m at 8% and have an 11% ready for the end of this bottle. I love the results. I feel like it really exfoliates my pores and I haven’t had any congestion since using it. I wouldn’t do this every day as it might be a little intense for me and I also need the benefits of moisturizers and moisturizers.

My body wash

In the morning, I shower with my Saltair Body Wash. That’s wonderful. We really formulated it with ingredients that love skincare, and I noticed my skin looked brighter. I am someone who suffers from redness and bumps and this really helps. At night, I sometimes take a shower and then do a really nice, thick, creamy lotion, after which I feel like my skin is cocooned.

saltair body wash

Saltair Santal Bloom Body Wash

My Face Spray

I use the Cocokind Rose Water Toner. It’s just a very moisturizing and gentle spray. It’s something on my face to rehydrate it, so when I put my moisturizer on, I lock it all in.


Cocokind Rose Water Facial Toner

My moisturizer

I use Make’s Super Cell Deep Moisture Cream because it’s so thick and luscious and it’s not greasy. It’s like a cocoon on my face, and I’m obsessed. I’m on my second bath in a month. I put it on my chest, my neck, my hands…


Super Cell Deep Moisturizing Cream

my lip balm

I always use the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, the vanilla one, at night. I don’t know what it is, but I prefer fragrance-free products at night or those with a more soothing scent. So I put the vanilla one, which is delicious

Image may contain: cosmetics

Laneige Overnight Lip Mask


I try not to wear makeup and focus on the SPF. I focus on pretty tinted FPS if I want to get the best of both worlds. I love Ilia Skin Tint if I want an even and shiny base. Or I love EltaMD tinted sunscreen. I just wish they had more shade range, though.

My hair treatments

Once a week I will do a hair treatment. Because your hair, your scalp are also part of your skin care routine. I feel like people forget that you clearly have skin on your scalp, on your head. I have this applicator; whatever serum you put in it passes through the little hairs and so you can literally put all that serum right on your scalp. Right now I have Carol’s Daughter Growth Serum. It’s powerful, but it’s so light it’s not greasy. So I can use it a day or two before I even wash my hair. I haven’t found many scalp treatments like this – they just get absorbed and you can’t tell the difference. I will then do something heavier at night before I go to shower. I love putting oils in my hair, like a combination of castor oil and sweet almond oil. Sometimes I use peppermint oil to really boost my scalp. I became quite obsessed after giving birth because I lost a lot of hair.

Image may contain: bottle, shaker, label, text and shampoo

Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Scalp & Hair Oil

Anna Moeslein is deputy editor of Charm.

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