I’ve been a beauty writer for years – This magic primer is the best I’ve used

Sunscreen and primers have become two of the most important parts of my beauty routine. I became an avid user of SPF for the obvious reasons of “protecting my skin from damage and cancer”. And primer is always essential to help foundation stay smoother and look flawless, especially when you have large pores and 40-something skin like mine. I can’t stand my foundation seeping into my pores and settling into my lines. No thanks. Lately, I’ve seen more and more products that combine SPF and primer, and if I can step away from my routine a bit, I’ll welcome it! That’s why I was so excited to get my hands on it Saint Jane Beauty’s Luxury Sun Ritual Pore Smoothing SPF 30 ($38).

Saint Jane is a brand that I have been a fan of since its debut in 2019. The Petal Moisturizer ($68) has become part of my regular moisturizer rotation, and I love the Luminous repairing eye contour cream ($65) and the Luxury lip cream ($28) (Amen is my shadow), too.

Call it psychic or wishful thinking, but I wondered when the brand would release a sunscreen product. It turned out even better than I had imagined because it is a versatile product. It’s a mineral sunscreen (which is my favorite type) and contains 10% zinc oxide, but what sets it apart from so many other SPF sunscreens and primers is the inclusion of powerful botanicals, which makes the reputation of the brand.

“Flowers are my muse for Saint Jane, and Luxury Sun Ritual was no exception,” says Saint Jane founder Casey Georgeson. When creating the product, she was drawn to the petals that thrive in the sun, so jasmine, hibiscus and desert rose made perfect additions (along with the antioxidant green tea). “Not only are they incredibly nourishing and hydrating, but we’ve also harnessed their innate ability to naturally protect against harmful UV rays and environmental stressors in warmer climates,” she says. These natural SPF boosters offer an invisible and innovative shield that protects the skin.

Georgeson began her career developing makeup brands like Marc Jacobs, Kat Von D and Disney x Sephora, so how the brand’s skincare works with makeup is always front and center. She says Luxury Sun Ritual is a “true multitasking SPF 30” that not only protects skin from the harmful effects of the sun, but also smoothes pores and deeply hydrates skin. Seriously, what more could you ask for from a product? “I started developing this SPF over two years ago and had pretty high expectations for this formula,” admits Georgeson. “I wanted it to be supercharged with floral actives, meticulously clean, and completely sheer and invisible on all skin tones.” She also wanted it to work under makeup, never cause breakouts, and “blur pores so beautifully,” which she says is a “constant struggle” and something I can personally relate to.

Like Georgeson, I make Luxury Sun Ritual the last step in my skincare routine. I’ve definitely become ‘open-minded’ when it comes to my makeup routine and will either do a light or medium coverage foundation or even just a primer. Sometimes I even go there with my face uncovered! This still shocks me, as someone who has always worn full coverage foundation. Most of the time, I will wear the Luxury Sun Ritual alone! I am a changed woman.

When I wear foundation, which has been strictly La Mer The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation ($140) for the past three months (I’m obsessed), it sits on my skin like a dream, thanks in part to the ‘primer.

The formula is really light and blends perfectly into the skin, but with real staying power. The scent is absolutely divine and one of my favorite features of the primer. (I’ll cross my fingers for a perfume next, Saint Jane!)

Then there is the aesthetics. Like all Saint Jane products, the packaging is beautiful. This is something that isn’t a big deal to me when it comes to beauty products, but when a brand succeeds, it makes your skincare routine experience more magical. Seriously, how beautiful is this baby? If you are looking for a primer that will make your skin feel and look heavenly and protect your skin from the sun at the same time, you must buy it immediately.

If you’re a fan of the SPF/primer combo, this one from Thrive Causemetics is another great pick. It has a clear, velvety matte texture, so I find it works great under medium to full coverage foundations to smooth out my pores and fine lines. Winner!

When I want to switch things up and use an SPF-free primer (and use the SPF separately, duh), I always find myself reaching for this one by Milk. I love the gel formula and how it makes my skin feel quenched. Ingredients include blue agave extract, which helps set makeup, as well as pore-smoothing niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, hemp-derived cannabis seed extract and aloe to boost hydration and give that glow. Perfect for summer.

Looking for a primer that will help your makeup stay put no matter what? Don’t sleep on this one from Pop Beauty. It’s all in the brilliant name “magnet”. I love prepping my skin with this when I’m glamorizing. You can’t beat the price either.

I love what Youthforia does in the beauty business, and this primer is no exception. Not only does it help soothe and prep skin for makeup, but it also protects it from digital pollution, like that blue light we watch through our tiny screens literally every day. It also contains sebum-controlling ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about your makeup fading into the grease on your face at the end of the day.

This Dior base also contains sun protection since 5.50% octisalate and 7.23% titanium dioxide protect against UVA and UVB rays. It also contains a nourishing botanical extract of wild pansy, so your skin gets those hydrating benefits at the same time.

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