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Jan Dance is David Crosby’s wife of 35 years

Jan Dance is widely associated with musical artist David Crosby. However, this interesting woman is much more than her husband. Read on to find out all the fascinating facts about him.

Jan Dance is the wife of David Crosby, a famous musician. Crosby is well known as a founding member of the hugely popular band “Crosby, Stills, and Nash”.

The two have been married for over three decades, with their wedding date being May 16, 1987. They also have one child, born in the mid-1990s.


Before meeting her future husband, Dance worked as a receptionist and was eventually promoted to traffic coordinator. This meant that she was the person in charge of booking studio time for musicians and producers. Dance said:

“I was so in love with the music. It was a big open door for me. The Eagles recorded at Criteria. And the Bee Gees, Eric Clapton and Aretha Franklin… It was a unique time; people from the studio and the people who came to record grew together, and I was able to see a song and an album being born, and for me, that was the greatest gift there is.

At the time, Dance said, her mother was working all hours of the night. She said that during this period, her mother managed to become more friendly with many artists.

It was then that she met her future husband. Seduced by his words, she managed to get the chance to talk to him until his girlfriend, Nancy Brown, walked into the room. She remembered:

“Now, I didn’t realize at the time what kind of fascination I was developing for the man personally, but I knew that I had stopped any idea of ​​pursuing my personal interest in him because he had a girlfriend, and I was of the spirit where if people have homies…then it’s not a nice or humane thing to do to chase them away.”

Brown herself remembers meeting Dance stating that she had sperm. Whatever happened after they met, we all know that in the end Dance ended up marrying Crosby.

Decades after reading her lyrics, Dance enjoys going on Instagram like her husband, enjoys horseback riding, and enjoys spending time with her family, always making sure to share photos of those beautiful moments online.

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As mentioned, in 1987 Dance and Crosby got married. They said yes at the Church of Religious Studies in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard. Speaking about how she felt, Dance said:

“I feel good. I’m extremely happy.”

There were around 200 people who attended the wedding, including famous names such as Joe Walsh and Howard Hessman. Stephen Stills, the musician and singer, offered the bride.

While their marriage was beautiful, the couple didn’t always have an easy life. Both had to deal with drug addiction. They weren’t legally allowed to see each other for half a decade due to the bad influence they had on each other. In a 2021 interview, Crosby said he’s been sober for about five decades and the two live happily together. He stated:

I don’t know why I’m alive, and Jimi isn’t, and Janis [Joplin] isn’t and Mama Cass isn’t, and all my other friends, I don’t know why me, but I got lucky.

Beyond beating that dark time in his life, Crosby is, as many know, very accomplished. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 as one of the members of Crosby Stills & Nash. He was also known for starring in the films “Backdraft” from 1991, “Hook” from 1991 and “The Limeys” from 1999.

The two now live happy and idyllic lives together in Los Angeles, but Crosby won’t forget how much his wife helped him overcome his addiction issues. He said: “Jan has given me tireless support and constant companionship, and since I can’t thank her enough, I’ll start by telling her here that I love her then, now and always.”

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Crosby has three children, one of whom is with Dance, who was born in July 1995 and is named Django. He grew up in the Santa Ynez Valley as a child, which his father thought was the perfect place, expressing:

“We have a little adobe house in the middle of lots of trees. It’s a great place to live and raise our son.”

Their son, who now lives with them in Los Angeles, was once his father’s road manager. Today he is a photographer, and one of his photos of his father is used as an album cover.


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