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Joe Biden runs on his terrible economic record



Wow: President Joe Biden’s managers are so deep in their bubble they sent him on a national tour to to boast on Bidenomics results.

Expect an epic lesson in the dangers of believing your own bull.

“Bidenomics is about the future. Bidenomics is just another way of saying, ‘Restore the American Dream’ because it’s worked before,” the president read in the TelePrompTer when it launched in Chicago last week.

Oops: Independence Day has brought a poll that shows growing numbers of Americans say success is out of reach and America is no longer the ‘land of opportunity’ – a good 24 %, compared to 18% just a year ago.

Tellingly, that’s 31% of those with only a high school diploma, compared to 16% of those with a college degree.

Hmm. This may be because real wages have fallen each month since Democrats pushed through Biden’s “American bailout” shortly after he took office.

In total, hourly compensation is down 5%.

And the spike in the cost of living has hit the average family more than $10,000, according to the nonpartisan Joint Economic Committee: Inflation has risen 16% overall in the 30 months since Biden was sworn in.

Fed chief Jerome Powell said: “The process of cutting inflation to 2% has a long way to go” as he refuses to rule out further interest hikes.

The dream of becoming an owner? Mortgage rates rose from 2.8% to 6.7%, while house prices rose 22%.

Oh, and the Census Bureau reports that income inequality is rising for the first time since 2011.

Meanwhile, Biden is adding regulations that are killing the economy at a record rate, another hit of $10,000 per household.

Hilariously, the prez brags that inflation has halved from its peak – but it’s still double what it was when he took over.

And it was the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes that drove it down, causing three of the four biggest bank failures in US history (with Biden making sure investors and depositors high end are held harmless!) and hampering business investment which is crucial for future job creation.

Still, Fed Chief Jerome Powell said, “The process of cutting inflation to 2% still has a long way to go” as he refuses to rule out further interest hikes.

Biden seems to think he can get Americans to ignore their own “lived experiences” by uttering a host of whoppers on his record and denouncing all alternative GOP ideas as “spinoffs.”

Yet all that Bidenomics amounts to throwing billions of dollars at Democrats’ vested interests: green subsidies (coupled with a war on fossil fuel industries), other tax breaks for some corporations willing to accept pro- unions, etc. How is This not “run off” – at best?

His economic jobs approval rating is stuck at 36%, another all-time high, for excellent reasons.

And all of Biden’s “you’ve never had it so good” profanity will never topple him.

The only reason we can understand Biden managers doing This his central re-election theme is that they looked at the rest of his case, from the border to his Afghan evacuation and appeasement of China, and decided that was the easiest shit to shine.


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