JoJo Siwa gets her hair cut by girlfriend Avery Cyrus

JoJo Siwa returns to short hair like a boomerang.

On September 22, the Siwas Dance Pop Revolution revealed that she cut her long blonde locks again, this time with the help of her girlfriend, Avery Cyrus. In a video posted to TikTok, the 19-year-old sat in her dressing room as Avery, 22, began cutting “big chunks” of her hair with a pair of scissors.

“I was really scared every time, but you know what? It’ll get there eventually,” JoJo joked. “We just kept going.”

While his haircut looked like a “little janky” at first, the dance moms alum said Avery was able to equalize it and “in the end it turned out amazing.”

The results? A chic pixie cut similar to the one she rocked this spring. According to JoJo, the whole process took three hours.

“I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out…BUT I AM SO HAPPY AVERY CRUSHED ITTTTTT,” she captioned the montage of her hair transformation. The “Boomerang” singer added in another post, “HAPPY GIRL BACK WITH SHORTIE HAIRRRRR!!!!!”


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