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Jo’s plan for 2022 (hopefully final!)

Day 2. Knocking headache when I woke up so I took two paracetamol and slept soundly 1.5 hours before going into labor which I think helped.

I was rereading my journals yesterday and realized I had gone down to 166 on a trip I took in 2017 – I knew I had gone that far but it’s funny just reading the journal , I don’t seem at all satisfied at all, nor do I recall feeling phenomenal on vacation, although I do recall feelings of obesity and embarrassment over others. So funny how we remember the bad and not so good!

I’m also constantly chasing losses rather than just celebrating control, with the exception of about 3/4 months I spent on 4:3 where I lost weight very slowly but that’s ok. integrated into my life and I was happy about it.

As a final observation, it also seems that as soon as I ever have a negative feeling about a diet/lifestyle change, everything goes downhill. Crazy really; I don’t quit my job or divorce my husband after a bad day! I was reading about binge eating and one of the main recommendations is to take each day as a fresh start, and I know we all know that, but do we actually do that?

And as a last thought, which just popped into my head, I’m doing really well on this plan because it’s prescriptive. I know the rules and what I have to do and I stick to them. I usually do maintenance plans before I go out of the plan, but I never stick to them, because I feel angry that I have to do them once I lose weight. However, the one time I stuck to the rules (4:3) it worked (albeit with the motivation of a small loss each week). I need to get the same maintenance buzz as a loss.

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