Josh Allen clarifies the Stefon Diggs saga



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Recently, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs skipped the first day of his team’s mandatory minicamp.

This led to reports that he was upset with quarterback Josh Allen, particularly after he allegedly left the locker room after the team were upset by the Cincinnati Bengals, 27-10, in the round. division of the playoffs last season.

But Allen says people are overemphasizing the supposed beef between him and Diggs and the media has it all out of proportion, according to Dov Kleiman.

A Boston Globe article published a few weeks ago indicated that Diggs was unhappy with his role in Buffalo’s offense and his lack of influence on play calls.

There’s no doubt that if the Bills are to finally win their first Super Bowl championship, they’re going to need a happy and productive Diggs.

He is without a doubt one of the best escapees in the game, and he has taken his game to the next level since arriving in upstate New York.

He was already a good player in his first five NFL seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, but in the last three years at Buffalo he twice topped the 1,400 receiving yard mark and was named to the Pro Bowl every season.

In 2022, he posted 1,429 yards and 11 touchdowns, and he was the main reason the team finished seventh in passing yards and second in passing touchdowns.

On the defensive side of football, the Bills are hoping the addition of linebacker Leonard Floyd will fix a sometimes porous pass defense.

But much of their fortune rests on Diggs’ shoulders.

Josh Allen opens up about Stefon Diggs’ situation


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