Josh Allen gives his opinion on Justin Fields


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Saturday’s game between the Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears saw a solid first half from the Bears on offense and defense.

However, the Bills rebounded from a 10-6 halftime deficit to win 35-13.

On Tuesday, quarterback Josh Allen was in Kyle Brandt’s basement to talk about the big win.

But what he said about Fields was something no one saw coming.

Allen praises Fields

While Allen is a competitor at heart, he is also someone who notices talent when he sees it.

His thoughts on Fields made him see a player who ‘works hard’ and ‘doesn’t complain’.

He ends his comments about the young quarterback by saying he “shoots for him,” like all Bears fans around the world.

Although Fields wasn’t great in the passing department, his running ability kept the Bears in games.

However, his depleted defense lets him down, as they can’t hold any leads on him.

Although he may complain about it, he never does because he stands on a higher level.

With a new fan in Allen, Fields is gaining respect in the NFL.

However, not everyone gives him respect, as some still see him as a bust.

But Fields can turn things around if his team gives him the help he needs.

While he doesn’t have the best offensive line or flashy receivers, he now has no defense to help him sustain the leads he gets in games.

If the Bears can get a better defense, as well as guns for Fields, he can get the respect from others that Allen gives him.

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