Julia Fox’s latest look may be the craziest yet

After absolutely chewing up New York Fashion Week with her one-of-a-kind Julia Fox looks, the actress headed to her hometown of Milan where she’s ready for another week of outrageous ensembles. So far, Fox hasn’t disappointed. She started her journey in Italy with a pierced leather bikini paired with a trench coat and matching ultra-low-rise pants, then followed it up with a custom blue PVC Diesel set with matching hair for the Spring/Summer 2023 runway by Glenn Martens. But we’ve seen Fox go crazy with leather and plastic a few times before, that’s nothing new. It was his latest set, however, that really pushed the envelope, even for Fox.

The actress attended the Andreadamo Spring/Summer 2023 show in a look from the brand’s previous collection. The highlight of the ensemble is undoubtedly what’s been dubbed a “bralaclava,” a knit bralette-style top that barely covers Fox’s chest before climbing up his neck and engulfing his head, ne leaving only her eyes (covered in her signature heavy makeup, of course) exposed. On the catwalk, designer Andrea Adamo presented the piece under a jacket, allowing for a simpler balaclava effect, but Fox was never one to shy away from a challenge, so she ditched the zipper for her look.

But if the top is definitely something, let’s not ignore the skirt. From the front, it looks like a basic ankle-length rib-knit skirt, but when Fox turned around, she revealed a cutout in the upper back of the piece, allowing for what can only be described as a buttocks cleavage.

Just wearing the top or the skirt alone would be enough to grab headlines, but leave it up to Fox to combine the two. The actress then finished the ensemble with a low heel and the Luar Ana bag, smartly keeping the accessories very simple, because this look speaks for itself and more.

Pietro S. D’Aprano/Getty Images


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