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Justine Skye’s parents made it through but her mother sold her valuables for their daughter’s career



Justine Skye | Chris Skyers, Justine Skye and Nova Perry | Source: Getty Images | Twitter/Justine Skye

Justine Skye rose to prominence through her desire to sing and the unwavering support of her parents, Nova Perry and Chris Skyers, though it took many difficult but unreserved sacrifices. Her grandfather, Nick Perry, was also instrumental in lifting his granddaughter to new heights.

Originally from New York, Justine Skye took her first breath in Brooklyn in 1995, born to Nova Perry and Chris Skyers. Justine was around 15 when she accompanied her mother to a panel hosted by BMI, where she asked if she could sing during the Q&A session.

She did a cover of “Black and Gold” by Sam Sparro. Thereafter, she took singing lessons and began working with producers Eric Hudson (previously represented by Nova) and August Rigo. By 2013, she had signed her first major recording contract and released her debut EP, “Everyday Living.”

Several more records followed, including her debut studio album, “Ultraviolet,” released in 2018. She self-released another EP before releasing her second studio album, “Space & Time,” produced by Timbaland. And while Justine has established herself as an artist and entrepreneur, much of her success can be attributed to her supportive family, all powerhouses in their chosen fields.

Justine Skye comes from a prosperous family

Justine’s mother, Nova, graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in political science in 1994. That year, she enrolled in St. John’s University Law School and earned her JD in 1997. Nova had his eyes set on entertainment law before suing. his graduate studies.

Between 1990 and 1992, she interned at Hush Entertainment/Orpheus Records and worked as an office assistant. After graduating, she worked as an assistant district attorney in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office between 1998 and 1999.

Nova then became a managing partner at James E. McMillan, PC, an entertainment law firm specializing in the music and apparel industries, in 2000. She continued to gain experience as a entertainment and launched Supanova Management Inc.

The mother-of-one still practices entertainment law, having represented artists including Megan Fox’s partner Machine Gun Kelly (a father-of-one), Lloyd and Cool & Dre, while running her businesses. Professional photographer Lenny Santiago praised Nova’s work ethic in a lengthy anecdote detailing his and Justine’s rise to success.

Justine’s father, Chris, holds a BA from Saint Leo University and has a long history with Wakefern. He has held the positions of Human Resources Benefits Manager, Procurement Analyst and Procurement Manager. In 2017, he became Wakefern’s Vice President of Corporate Merchandising.

The previous year, Justine had spoken briefly about her parents, mentioning that they were originally from Jamaica. It’s unclear whether her grandfather, Nick Perry, also has the same roots, but he too recognized his granddaughter’s talent when she was eight years old.

She would accompany the former Assemblyman from Brooklyn’s 58th Assembly District to political events, where she would sing the national anthem and the black national anthem. Nick resigned from his post in March 2022 to assume his new role as United States Ambassador to Jamaica.

Justine Skye’s mother Nova Perry sold her valuables to get her daughter to sing successfully

On March 8 of this year, Nova marked the anniversary of Justine acquiring her first major contract with Atlantic Records. She took to Instagram to celebrate the milestone alongside photos depicting the memory, which also featured Justine’s grandfather. Nova wrote:

“I sold everything of value that I had worked very hard for (my jewellery, very expensive things that I had rewarded myself with when I closed a big deal, my law firm) and I invested almost every penny I earned in what we were doing.”

His car was nearly seized at one point, but his parents lent him money to get it back. The trip mostly had an emotional impact on Nova and Justine, but Nova said they were strong for each other. She described Justine as a “BOSS” and said she was proud of her daughter and herself.



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