Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat, Choupette, Celebrates His 11th Birthday in Style

When Karl Lagerfeld died of pancreatic cancer in February 2019, a rumor began circulating that the designer’s fortune, estimated at between $195 million and $300 million, was inherited by his beloved Birman cat, Choupette. The rumor has never been confirmed, but given that Choupette has just struck her eleventh birthday, surrounded by champagne and gifts, we can definitely conclude that she has continued to be well taken care of.

On Monday, Choupette shared a post on her (verified) Instagram account, showing how she spent her big day. “Happy birthday to me,” Choupette captioned the photos, which showed the fluffy creature lying in a private plane. The kitty clarified that the plane remained grounded while they were on board, “in memory of the many trips with my dad”. And no, Choupette is not the shiniest cat in the world with disposable thumbs, able to navigate social networks, but simply the subject of an Instagram account managed by its now owner, the former governess of Lagerfeld, Françoise Caçote, who took possession of Choupette following Lagerfeld. death.

Yes, this kind of celebration for a cat seems over the top, but the pampered animal is probably used to it by this point. According to New York Times, Choupette enjoyed a fairly extravagant lifestyle during the time Lagerfeld was alive, with a staff that included two caretakers, a bodyguard, a chef, and a doctor. She also traveled in a personalized Louis Vuitton carrying case, her silver dishes and brushes accompanying her in their own Goyard bag. These days, while Choupette might not quite have the entourage yet, she seems to be keeping busy with photoshoots, vacations, and over 100,000 Instagram followers following her with every hairball.


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