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Kevin Spacey Shamed Me For Shaving His Head To Look Like Lex Luthor In An Interview

Showbiz reporter Nelson Aspen has revealed a beloved celeb was “problematic” in his final appearance after nearly 20 years on Sunrise.

When pressed to reveal the “failures” of his many celebrity interviews on Friday morning, Aspen offered a surprising Hollywood star: Vin Diesel.

“He’s a wonderful interviewer, we just have a great relationship once we talk together, but he has a problem with inconsiderate delays,” he said of the fast furious actor.

“The first time was seven hours late, I sat down. Then I think it was four o’clock, then two o’clock. We work in live tv guys you can’t be late. You can be three hours ahead, you can’t be three seconds behind. It’s just my pet peeve.

Vin Diesel – real name Mark Sinclair – is one of the highest-grossing actors in the world.

Kevin Spacey Lex Luthor
Nelson Aspen said he was such a fan of Superman that he shaved his head to interview Kevin Spacey to look like Lex Luthor.
David James

Aspen also named and shamed another celebrity interviewee: Kevin Spacey.

The veteran New York-based showbiz journalist interviewed Spacey when he played Lex Luthor in the 2006 film The Return of Superman.

Aspen said he shaved his head before the interview to look like Lex Luthor, because he was “such a Superman freak” and Spacey made him feel stupid for doing it.

“He made me feel embarrassed. It wasn’t one of my happiest times,” Aspen said.

Spacey is currently on trial after denying a series of sexual assaults this week dating back 17 years.

Kevin Spacey
Nelson Aspen said Kevin Spacey “embarrassed” him for doing it.
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Aspen also shared her favorite stars to interview.

He talked about tea parties and songs with Julie Andrews and praised Australian Hugh Jackman.

Aspen, 59, said that despite the age difference, he and former Fifth Harmony singer Camila Cabello, 25, have a “special bond” and she calls him “Uncle Nelson”.

“I feel a kind of paternal pride for her. She is incredibly gifted. I like most celebrities,” he said.

Hugh Jackman
Nelson Aspen says Hugh Jackman was one of his favorite celebrities to interview.
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Aspen has said he is quitting the Channel 7 breakfast program to focus on his new home decor book, Your home is your castle.

To combine his “lifelong passions” for singing and writing, Aspen will be doing a concert and Q&A kick-off tour.

“I’ll be singing and promoting the book, answering questions about your favorite celebrities in a laid back cabaret environment,” he said.

Aspen was recently recognized as International Media Journalist of the Year by the Publicists Guild of America in 2020, with the award presented by Friends actress Jennifer Aniston.

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